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Accent Furniture

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Accent Furniture – For Your Homes and Hearts!

It is marvellous to see what furniture can do to transform your living space. A good-looking piece of furniture always accentuates the beauty of any room. Furniture provides a base for gatherings and conversations, making real connections happen amidst families. Accent Furniture helps create these happy and fulfilling spaces.

What is Accent Furniture?

Accent Furniture is the furniture placed in a room that stands out and compliments the whole décor. Oftentimes, it represents your personality and communicates your style to the audience. It’s more about the person who stands behind that piece of design rather than the design itself.

With more than three decades of experience, we create inspiring designs that can transform even an ordinary looking space into a stunning and symbolic one.

Accent furniture is often known for its great decorative value but that doesn’t mean it lacks in functionality. From storage solutions like shelves, benches, and ottomans, to multi-purpose pieces like coat racks and console tables, finding your creative style and making it work with your everyday life is as easy as a click away.

Making pieces work in your home.

When you are planning to bring home a piece of accent furniture, be sure to follow only one rule – follow your heart. If you don’t like a piece of furniture, forcing it into your space will not change your sentiments. Look for pieces that you love and make you happy, and pieces that make your space feel whole. From rustic tables to contemporary consoles, there are untold options you can choose from, adding drama and definition to your interiors.

At Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. we utilize our expertise and experience, as accent furniture wholesalers, to help our customers and dealers find accent furniture at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Why buy furniture from Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc.?

We are a wholesale distributor of furniture, specializing in accent furniture like console tables, side tables, coffee tables, storage ottomans, benches, accent chairs, shelving units, mirrors, coat racks, and bar carts, all in a variety of décor styles from rustic industrial, to mid-century modern, to contemporary. We have a series of warehouse programs that can be tailored to meet your unique needs as a dealer and we are looking forward to working with you!