Colored glass kitchen trends 2014

Kitchen Decor Trends for Summer

Bringing A Taste Of Summer To Your Kitchen

 You already have your backyard set up for drinks on the patio, pool parties and backyard BBQs, but while you’ve been outside tending to your green and perfecting your patio look, your kitchen has been left in the depth of winter.

We’ve thought of a few easy fixes to brighten things up and add colour and energy to the most important room in the house…  Continue reading “Kitchen Decor Trends for Summer” »

Create Your Own Seaside Getaway

Finding time for that summer getaway is on top of everyone’s June to-do list. However with heavy work deadlines looming, extended visits from the in-laws and that upcoming family reunion, you might have to put your seaside dreams on hold.

But there’s hope for you yet! You can still get the seaside ambiance without leaving the comfort of your own home (and the expensive plane ticket.) Continue reading “Create Your Own Seaside Getaway” »

Whimsical Outdoor Wedding Décor

DIY Ideas For A Backyard Wedding

There’s something special about an outdoor wedding, especially in June when the sun is warm and summer romance lingers in the air.

If you’ve decided to throw an outdoor wedding and reception in your backyard for a daughter or special friend, the pressure to make it a day to remember is surely swirling through your head.

But keep calm! Here are 3 whimsical wedding décor tips to get your creative juices flowing. Continue reading “Whimsical Outdoor Wedding Décor” »

Mother’s Day Table Décor 2014

Mothers Day is, in our opinion, the most important holiday of the year. The one day we take time out to remember the woman who kissed our scrapes, packed our lunches and made sure we had everything we needed.

When it comes to celebrating mothers, we think a beautiful brunch is the way to go, especially when you put in the time and effort to make it yourself. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Table Décor 2014” »

Summer Patio Ideas You’ll Adore

This Season’s Must-Have Patio Items

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge turnaround on how people view their outdoor space. Once an afterthought, home patios have turned into a home away from home; an oasis and a comfort zone after a long day at the office.

Enjoying your outdoor space has a lot to do with your patio furniture and ambiance. So why not make the most of your yard this season?

Here’s a list of fabulous outdoor items to help you make it happen… Continue reading “Summer Patio Ideas You’ll Adore” »