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Home Décor That’s Easy to Clean

Beautiful home décor that stays clean is the stuff of dreams…

Pristine leather couches, soft white carpets and sparkling glass tabletops are just a few of the desires that come to mind. But when you look around your space, is that what you see?

While it’s nice to dream of a fairytale showroom in your home, kids, pets and every day life all take a toll on your surroundings and quickly render that dream null and void.

But just because you have a family or busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up all your design dreams. Here are a few fail-safe home décor tips to keep your home looking beautiful – without all the fuss. Continue reading “Home Décor That’s Easy to Clean” »

Back to School Decor: Dorm Edition

Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room

Sigh… the end of summer is upon us and with it comes the chaos of back to school prep.

But while some of us face the tedious task of packing lunches, others are sending their not-so-little ones off to college.

Watching your high school grad leave for school is a huge step, and you want to be sure their living quarters are just as accommodating as their bedroom at home, right? Continue reading “Back to School Decor: Dorm Edition” »

window treatments for skylights

Treatments For Every Window

Which window treatment is right for you?

Windows come in all shapes, lengths and sizes; from quaint, turn of the century sash windows to large picture condo windows that span a story or two. With all these variations, choosing the perfect window treatment can be more complicated than you thought.

In the past we’ve shared our favorite must-have window treatments, but we thought we’d delve a little deeper and lend some advice on choosing the proper window treatment specifically for your window-style. Continue reading “Treatments For Every Window” »

metallic tables from inspire line

Make Room for Metallics

Demure bronze, decadent gold, lavish silvers and refined nickel: Every year metallics make a comeback and every year we welcome them back with open arms.

In fact, a huge portion of our fall line is dedicated to metallics. Think: warm bronze, cool chrome and lots of unique exotic pieces.

There is something to be said about a trend that changes shape and reappears every season and we always look forward to seeing how it mingles with different styles.

Today we’re sharing our newest tips on how to incorporate these lovely metallics into your own home décor for a hint of sparkle all year long… Continue reading “Make Room for Metallics” »

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Cozy Up the Cottage for August

How to Decorate Your Cottage

It’s August and that means plenty of summer days spent at the cottage. But take a look around: Are your surroundings suggesting ‘memories of 1985?’

Don’t get us wrong, we love the cozy vibe of an old-school cottage, but if your den is still sporting a floral or mallard-themed border, it might be time for a makeover.

Here are some quick and easy tips to take your cottage from shabby to chic. Continue reading “Cozy Up the Cottage for August” »

metal accent table by inspire EGLO

August Home Decor Trends

What will the rest of the summer bring in home decor ideas?

The summer might be half over already but our love for August décor trends has us feeling !nspired to make the most of the season.

While last month we embraced warm summer grays, statement-dining chairs and wired accessories, this month is all about infusing the hot August elements into our home decor.

Get ready to make a statement! Continue reading “August Home Decor Trends” »

Teen bedroom accent chair

Bedroom Decor: From Tween to Teen

3 Teen Bedroom Décor Upgrades That Won’t Kill Your Budget

It happens to every mom: Suddenly that pretty-in-pink bedroom your little girl loved so much (and that you spent countless hours decorating) is dubbed “uncool.”

Rather than spending thousands on an entire room makeover that they might hate by next year, we’ve come up with a few simple ways to upgrade your young teen’s room from kiddo to contemporary without breaking the bank. Continue reading “Bedroom Decor: From Tween to Teen” »

paint trends for summer by inspire

Summer Paint Trends You Have to Try

Drab Walls? Painting is a Quick Fix

Summer is an ideal time to spice up your décor with fresh color.

If you’re painting your interior, you can open the windows to air out paint fumes and keep a breeze flowing through. If you’re painting your exterior, you can enjoy the sunshine and take frequent spiked lemonade breaks. It’s a win-win situation!

No matter what your color preferences are, we have some fabulous summer paint trends you don’t want to miss out on this month. Continue reading “Summer Paint Trends You Have to Try” »