Making Your Small Space Count With !nspire Furniture

Studio apartment living doesn’t have to feel cramped. Choosing the right furniture is the easiest way to make your small space count!

Decorating a small studio apartment may seem like an interior designer’s worst nightmare, but it often produces their best work.

Dealing with tight spaces is obviously more challenging, however, challenges create ample opportunity to think outside the box to design something !nspiring!

Do you live in a small apartment? Don’t give up on your home décor dreams just yet.

Even if you’re not an interior designer, choosing the right furniture accentuates your small living space in all the right ways.

Small Space Solution #1: Classy Console Tables

Have you ever looked around your apartment and thought “this space needs something” but the area looks too narrow?

Console tables are the perfect solution.


Console tables are ideal for tight, narrow hallways, especially in the entryway of your apartment.

Choose a design with drawers to store keys, mail, your dog’s leash, or anything else you need as you jet out the front door.

Dressing Tables

Every woman deserves a dressing table in her bedroom, however, not every woman has the space.

Console tables provide an elegant space-saving dressing area. Place a few baskets underneath to store your dressing extras such as fashion scarves and hair accessories.

Open Concept

If your apartment is an open-concept space, try using a console table to separate the seating area from your bedroom or kitchen.

A long, skinny console table against the back of your sofa with two end lamps creates an easy visual divide.

Our Akram Console Table in Dark Wood adds rustic and industrial flavor to your home, creating an elegant display area for your favorite bottle of wine.

Console tables make fabulous room dividers in open concept areas.

Console tables make fabulous room dividers in open concept areas.

Small Space Solution #2: Mirror Magic

Although most of us have a good idea where to hang a mirror in our home, they’re far more versatile than we think; not to mention one of the easiest ways to create the illusion of space.

Luckily, even the smallest apartments have wall space to play with.

Grouped Together

Small mirrors with painted frames look gorgeous hung gallery style on small or awkward walls. Not only do they make an impactful statement, the mirrors create an open, modern feel.

Mirrored Furniture

Art deco is taking over the décor scene. Mirrored cabinets, console tables and nightstands reflect light around the room, making it appear larger.

The Drake 2-Drawer Night Table in Black is one of our newest pieces that achieves this very effect—with a little romance to boot.

Create an airy feel with the help of mirrored pieces.

Create an airy feel with the help of mirrored pieces.

Standing Mirrors

Floor length mirrors make any space feel taller. Their long shape draws the eye up and carrying it around the room, making it appear lighter and brighter.

Small Space Solution #3: Styling With Stools

Visions of hideous barstools—be gone! Styling with modern stools is all the rage, especially when it comes to making the most of your space.

Axe The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is often the focal point of the kitchen, but living in a small studio apartment squashes that dream in an instance.

If there’s no room for a kitchen table, opt for a mini bar instead. If there’s still no room for that, try a set of stylish stools that tuck under the kitchen counter.

Sitting at the counter to eat may seem weird at first, but once you see the !nspiring options out there, you might just change your mind.

Folding Stools

One of the great things about modern kitchen stools is their ability to fold away. Of course, not all models have a folding option, but the ones that do are fabulous space savers.

Have company coming over? Simply unfold and place where needed!

Tuck Away

Although we love kitchen islands, they sometimes interrupt the flow of kitchen traffic. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so choosing a set of stools to maximize your space is key.

The Bolo Gas Lift Stool in Black is a contemporary space-saving option that tucks neatly under your island or countertop. Its sleek design creates an airier, open feel; perfect for high-traffic areas.

Space-saving stools make your apartment feel bigger.

Space-saving stools make your apartment feel bigger.

Now that you’re armed with these fabulous space saving ideas (and furniture to match!) it’s time to start embracing your small space. Take the opportunity to experiment with our suggestions and let us know how it goes!