Looking to import container deals? We can help!

Renovating an office, college or hotel? Need to furnish an entire floor of a building? Are you a business owner & lover of modern, trendy things, in search of international finds to add to your own retail stores or client projects? Consider buying in bulk to save BIG!

Let Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. be the one stop solution for all your furniture needs. With over 30 years of experience, we manufacture furniture in factories all over the world, using various materials like reclaimed wood, iron, stainless steel, and an assortment of fabrics.



Every year we ship 1000’s of containers with contemporary, mid-century, transitional & modern pieces of furniture. These high quantity orders give us the distinct advantage over many of our competitors and lets us guarantee you the best prices on container furniture.

Our goal is simple: To constantly expand the value we bring you. From dining sets, bedrooms and coffee tables, to decadent ottomans, benches, and chairs, we offer striking products without compromising quality or price.

What is a furniture container?

A container of furniture is a 20-foot or 40-foot long steel box used to ship items all over the world. If you have a large-scale furnishings project, find out how Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. can help you.

What kinds of goods can I order?

We can source all kinds of furniture: traditional, rustic, shabby chic, industrial, modern, and contemporary to name a few. We specialize in furniture from all categories: beds & headboards, bar & counter stools, benches & settees, coffee tables, console tables, accent chairs, dining chairs & tables, coat racks and so much more.

How does the process work?

Once you have determined that you need a larger quantity of furniture, you can contact us and set up an initial consultation to give us an understanding of what you’re looking for. You can choose items or styles you want from our website, or work with us to create custom designs under private labels. We take the time to personally source your items through our existing factories around the world to figure out availability, lead time, and overall cost.



How much does a container cost?

Depending on your needs, we can offer up to a 50% discount off of wholesale prices for the items in your 20-foot or 40-foot container order. You can either choose to manage the shipping of containers direct from the factory, or have us do it for you and deliver the container to your door.

How long does a container take to receive?

Generally, production of items takes 30-60 days. After that, it takes a week to pack the container followed by 4 – 6 weeks transport time.


Take a look at our website for more information and for easy contact forms to get you started on your container order!