Drop Ship your way to Success!

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is a simple business model where the manufacturer of a product ships the item purchased directly to the end consumer. Your job – as a retailer – is to offer those items to your customers and SELL! SELL! SELL!

A store front isn’t necessary – you can list the items directly on your online shop. We provide beautiful, full colour photography of items along with web-ready descriptions and specifications. All the information that you need to effectively sell that product. It’s low risk, low cost and easy to start up. You don’t need a place to store inventory because we, as the manufacturer and distributor, will ship products out directly from one of our warehouses.

You don’t need to bulk purchase items to receive discounted prices – you pay wholesale prices, and you’re eligible for ongoing promotions so you can pass on your savings directly to your consumers.

Processing orders is simple with our user-friendly, dealer portal where you can view live stock, updated pricing and add orders with one click. You can start selling on the same day that you sign up!


Visit our website for information on our Drop Shipping program


Keys to Drop Shipping Success – some tricks of the trade that may help you in setting up your Drop Shipping business:


  1. Build up your website traffic

Because this business model depends on the virtual ‘foot traffic’ that is people browsing online for items they want to buy, getting people to visit your website is the equivalent of getting window shoppers to come into your store – if they come inside chances are higher that they will buy!

This is where SEO comes into play. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the virtual breadcrumbs that lead online consumers to your virtual store. Things like keywords in your product titles, categories and subcategories, as well as your page titles and meta descriptions. Many website builders offer tools to help you through this process but if you feel like you need more help, or if you would rather leave it up to the pros, investing in an SEO agency may be worthwhile to build up your traffic.


  1. Write blogs

Don’t be intimidated – this can be as simple as picking one of your favourite products for the week and talking about its features. Online tools like Grammarly can help with spelling and grammar and in the end, you’ll have fresh new content for your website that will be informative for your potential customers and will help direct even more traffic to your site.

Try to write at least 3-4 blogs a month. Keep track of your website traffic analytics tools and you should start seeing a boost in traffic within the first couple of months.


  1. Limit your inventory

When you list products, you want the best curated collection of items that are relevant to your site and your business model. You also want to present the best version of those products, which will motivate your customers to buy from you and not the next site they visit. This means tweaking or even rewriting product descriptions to make them your own and editing images to optimize their appearance on your site. Start by listing your favourite items and take them time to present them the best way that you can. You can continue adding more products as time goes on and your sales go up. This will also help you stay on top of all the latest new introductions from manufacturers like Worldwide Homefurnishings. We intro new products almost every quarter, so you want to be able to have the freshest and newest items to offer your customers.


  1. Paid advertising

Working on refreshing the content on your site will work well for your site traffic but if you want to see immediate results and on a greater scale, you may want to consider investing in paid online marketing. There are many programs available like Google Adwords (with campaigns like pay-per-click sponsored search results or remarketing campaigns), Facebook Business Manager (which advertises with sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram) and other Affiliate Marketing programs (where you work with other websites to piggy back off each others’ traffic).

You should also be tracking the traffic on your site with free tools like Google Analytics, so you can try and see the effects of these paid marketing strategies.


  1. Rewards and Incentives

Leverage seasonal sales – people buy when it’s the buying season, so don’t be afraid to put your products on promo as well. Festive offerings, seasonal sales, BOGO deals, and “LAST CHANCE” clearance sales are just a few promotions that you can run to garner attention and website traffic.

Don’t underestimate reviews – when consumers are not sure about a product, especially big-ticket items like furniture, they will look to their peers for guidance. Ask your customers to write reviews after they have purchased an item. The more detailed the better! You can offer incentives to customers – “Post a review and receive a promo code for your next purchase!”

Take advantage of social media – encourage customers to share images of their purchases in social media and to tag you. You can offer prizes for the best picture of the week.

Keep on top of your inventory – the products you list are the best representation of your business and what you want it to look like. Do continued research and adjustments in pricing to stay competitive. Respond to feedback, both positive and negative.


Let us know if some of these tips were helpful for you in setting up your small business. Do you have any more tips for someone who might be starting out? Let us know in the comments below.


At Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. we have over 30 years of experience. We are dedicated to you and your business because your success is our success! Check out our Drop Shipping program here. We look forward to hearing from you.


Your success is our success!



Warm up this frigid winter with a whole new selection of HOT products

We’ve already got an incredible line-up of items across all categories, but we always strive to make things better. Which is why our first new product introduction of the year is one of our favourites to date! It’s not big – think of it as more of a sneak peek of all the amazing things to come with our new catalogue roll out in the spring – but it’s a collection of items that will make a statement on your showroom floor, on your website, or in your latest design project.


Colour me pink!

Elle blush pink

ELLE blush pink accent chair


We’ve put a fresh spin on some classic favourites with new fabrics and new colours. Check out the gorgeous blush pink velvet on our best-selling ELLE accent chair. Or the newest pink fabric our new LILA storage ottoman.


LILA pink storage ottoman

LILA pink storage ottoman


A touch of velvet

The irresistible pairing of soft velvet with sturdy stainless steel, in both silver and gold, polished and brushed finishes takes centre stage this year.


Velvet pieces are making a big impact

Velvet pieces are making a big impact


From small pieces like the SONATA round ottoman, available in ivory (shown above), grey, or black velvet with a gold base, to larger statement makers like the MAGNUM cocktail ottoman in a selection of colours including this decadent blue velvet on a silver base.


MAGNUM blue velvet ottoman with silver base

MAGNUM blue velvet ottoman with silver base


This round of products is heavy on the accent seating furniture (because we know how much you love our accent furniture!) but we’ve also got a fun new assortment of glass and metal, geometric-inspired tables – coffee, console, and accent. The EROS and JUNIPER collections will be showstoppers for sure!




Old favourites get new life

Much of the time, we let our customers dictate what should be next to come in – what you can sell is what we want to sell! Based on popular demand, we’ve expanded some of your favourite collections like the IDRIS and the NILA tables. Still in the gorgeous sustainable solid woods and natural finishes, with all new table sizes and types.

NILA collection expanded to include coffee and console tables

NILA collection expanded to include coffee and console tables


Ready to buy?

Browse through the newest products here or go through the website and order your items today. Stock is rolling in quick and will be rolling out just as fast so don’t miss out.