The Beauty Of Glass Furniture & Home Accents

Tinted, painted or straight up, there are many ways to incorporate glass into your home

Imagine this: You’re looking at new accent tables for your living room, or perhaps a fresh table to spruce up your dining room, and you’re trying to decide between clean, modern glass or traditional wood.

There are so many reasons that glass accents are a welcome (and at times, much needed) departure from the usual wood choice.

Modern glass furniture is usually reinforced with sturdy bases and the right materials to make them strong and reliable, not to mention the new trend towards rose gold that introduces an element of warmth to a glass piece.

For those who feel they are hardwired to choose traditional wood furnishings, we say it’s time to look beyond and embrace the new options in glass that you might not know about!


Tinted Glass With Warm Metals

One major advantage of glass furniture is the light, airy look it adds to your home. Whether in a small room, where glass furniture provides the illusion of space, or in the distribution and reflection of light, glass pieces work well.

But if regular glass is simply too ‘modern’ for your taste, consider a tinted glass. The tint, paired with the elegance of warm metals, take an accent table from a minimalist contemporary look to a richer look that can warm most any space. !nspire’s Carlyn Accent Table in Gold is a great example.

The fun base in a rich gold finish glows warmly against the tinted tempered glass top, in a light smoke shade.

CARLYN 501-260GL



Painted Glass For Simplicity 

Glass is more than just see through. Its light, almost ethereal texture makes it a lovely material to create furniture with. But after a day of small hands, coffee mugs and multiple smudges, standard glass pieces generally need a bit of windex before bed to make them shine again.

An option to retain the delicate quality without compromising on clean up time is to look at pieces made from painted glass.

Sleek, geometric and totally glamorous, !nspire’s Bogdon Accent Table in Black Nickel is just the ticket. The 5mm glass is painted to work with the black nickel finish steel base, creating a contemporary accent that will stand the test of time. Picture your best friend placing her martini glass on it, while over for a girls night. Can you see it? Or what about a gorgeous blown glass vase from a local artisan?

Either way, the painted glass look can help you make a statement and those smudges fade enough that you can leave the cleanup till another day!

BOGDON 501-229BK


Faux Glass— The Look Without The Glass

If you like the look of glass but still aren’t convinced about having glass furniture and accents, think about acrylic. This material is a great way to add the look of glass, but with a solid internal structure and easy maintenance, and none of the downsides.

Check out this elegant #FanFeatureFriday looks with the Lucida Double Bench in Grey from !nspire, from @DesignsByVincenza—the contemporary thick acrylic legs combined with the elegant velvet tufted upholstery seating in a traditional diamond pattern? You get contemporary and old world in one unique piece.

12 October


Combine The Best Of All

Can’t decide what works for you? Combine a warm metal, cool tempered glass and rounded acrylic legs for a look that gives you a little bit of everything we’ve mentioned. !nspire’s Morelia Console Table in Gold is a favorite with a lot of buyers precisely because it has it all in one beautiful, contemporary piece and so it works with many designs and styles.

The 10mm tempered glass top is sturdy and the round, acrylic legs gives the piece that floating appearance while still remaining incredibly strong. The warm glow of the gold is the finishing touch!

Morelia Console Table in Gold


Whether you use glass or acrylic, for that glass like look, there are tremendous options beyond what most people think of when they think of glass furniture. Take a look around and if you use one of our pieces in your latest decor, from !nspire or WHi, share a picture with us on Instagram, using hashtag #InspireAtHome!