Update Your Porch For Fall

Beyond hay bales, corn stalks, and scarecrows

Fall is a beautiful time of year to be outdoors. The weather is often still mild and the colors are radiant. If you live in a part of the country that features deciduous trees, you know what we mean: Red, gold, orange, brown, and all the shades in between. We’ve got nothing on Mother Nature’s abilities…

But even without Nature’s leaf coloring skills at your disposal, you can add some gorgeous color and décor to any porch that reflect your personality. After all, the front of your house is the first part anyone who comes to visit sees, so let your style shine through.


Down Home Country Inspiration

A scarecrow dressed in gingham, overalls and your old boots; a stack of hay bales and corn stalks tied to the pillars. Those are the makings of a down home country style porch.

If the scarecrow is a step too far for your taste, consider door wreaths made with burlap and foliage, planters filled with branches and leaves, and leaf garlands along a front bannister or stair rail. These are all lovely ways to enhance the visual approach to your home.

You can make fall look even more chic by using white and off white, instead of bright shades. White or sparkly painted pumpkins, light colored stalks and dried grasses, light orange or white chrysanthemums and so on.




Size (Of Your Porch) Matters

When selecting decorations for your porch, size matters! You don’t want to overwhelm a tiny covered step with seven hay bales and a life-sized scarecrow. Perhaps in that case, an elegant door wreath in autumn colors, with leaves and acorns added, would suffice.

If you’ve got more space, you can get creative with planters on either side of the door or at the top of the stairs by adding some fall foliage for that pop of color that wows guests.

If you’ve got seating on your porch, consider adding some throw pillows in shades of autumn so that, if you like entertaining in the space, your guests are comfortable.

If you want to make them ecstatic, add the ideal accessory: a roll out drinks cart. WHi’s Zedd 2-Tier Trolley in Chrome is just the accent. With plastic wheels that move 360 degrees, you can maneuver this gorgeous contemporary piece out onto the porch for easy entertaining. We know what you’re thinking, and you’re welcome ????

ZEDD 556-218CH


Furnishings For A Covered Or Closed Porch

A client of ours was visiting a friend down south and noticed that they kept furniture that is normally designed to be indoors, on their porch.

If your outdoor space is protected from the elements and the ravages of small mammals, you can do the same, (by the way, we’re not talking about your kids when we say ‘small mammals’! You’re on your own dealing with those!)

A piece that blends well with the outdoors and can be dressed up or down for the season and has multiple functions too is ideal.

Not surprisingly, we have JUST the piece for this! The Eva Accent Table in Distressed Natural from !nspire looks like an outdoor piece but in fact isn’t.

The solid mango wood (100% sustainable) has beautiful grain patterns in it and the piece can be used as a stool, a side table or an ottoman, which is perfect for when you have surprise visitors and you want to lounge on the porch, enjoying a crisp autumn evening!



Use A Lot Of Color Outdoors: It Can Take It!

Whereas an excess of bright, vibrant colors can be overwhelming in a small living room, there’s always an opportunity to shine in an outdoor space. We were looking at the #FanFeatureFriday from @AccentsAtHome the other day and it occurred to us that the Porter Chair in Pumpkin would make an excellent addition to a closed porch area!

fall 2

It’s just the right shade of pumpkin to make a glorious Fall statement, don’t you think?


Whether you enjoy all the trimmings of Fall decorating, or would prefer a more subdued look with a pop of seasonal color, there are plenty of options for you! If you use any of the furnishings or accents from !nspire or WHi, share a picture with us on Instagram, using hashtag #InspireAtHome!