Let Your Colors Shine!

Use bold textures & shades to brighten your day

There are lots of reasons to add color to your home, particularly color’s ability to inject your décor with personality!

Consider the family that likes yellow everywhere, or the girl who wants dark purple faux fur on everything… they’re saying something about their personalities through their color and texture choices. Whether those are good things or cries for help is a matter for another post!

There is solid psychological thinking behind color choices, as well as the aesthetic value that comes from textures. It’s something we’re always considering with new designs and styles.

With a little thought and imagination, your home can reflect your personal style while still be pleasing to the eye.


Coordinated & Clean Colors

Orange in one room, purple in the next and teal just one further? It could all be a bit much.

Instead, select shades from coordinated palettes of color to create a blended look, rather than one that is jarring and uncomfortable.

Don’t forget that, in addition to wall colors, you can pull those shade choices into accents and furnishings to create a cohesive look.

One of our team favorites is the Foster Accent Chair in Tobacco from !nspire.

If you’re inclined to cozy comfort and natural hues, this distressed faux leather club chair is the perfect accent to a room, and it invites a person to sit and enjoy a good book or a glass of wine.

FOSTER 403-881_3


Pops Of Color To Draw The Eye

Even if you’re normally inclined to more subdued shades for your décor, you can still add a pop of color to draw the eye and add some vibrancy and fun to your room.

A piece of art, a throw rug, elegant pillows or even a well-placed chair or bench can have the right effect.

Imagine walking into a basically monochromatic room, filled with shades of grey, and then spotting this beauty?



The Angelica Double Bench in blue from !nspire has vintage elegance in the button tufted velvet upholstery and a touch of the modern in the gold tone legs. It’s eye catching, isn’t it?

Don’t take our word for it though; check out this #FanFeatureFriday by @styleitsellit, a group that’s in the business of staging homes. They know better than most the value of a gorgeous focal point!



Don’t Forget The Outdoors

So often, we look to the interior of our homes to add personality, but we forget the outdoors. A beautifully painted door with matching shutters or window boxes is elegant and coordinated. Or go with contrasting colors for a more dramatic look.

Either way, you can give your home serious curb appeal, which is always a good thing, even if you’re not in the market to sell.

This idea from Pinterest brings in contrasting shutters but with accents that pick up the door color beautifully! The patterned rugs are the icing on the cake…