Chic Shimmery Winter Décor

As winter approaches, it’s time to embrace a cooler look


Looking through some of our past #FanFeatureFriday posts on Instagram, we came across this one, by @LionsGateDesign. It shows four fabulous ways you can mix and match texture and shades of white, blue and grey, with pops of other colors for eye-catching interest!



The designs really feel wintery and cool, but are still welcoming and warm, whether for sitting with a cup of a tea and a good book or entertaining a gaggle of friends.

You can achieve a winter look that is still cozy with some quick and easy strategies. The key is to mix up your textures a little and channel the Ice Queen from Narnia, complete with crystal palace, crown and sleigh…


Metallics And Glass Create The Cool

A particular favorite around here, featuring glass and metal, is showcased in the Instagram collage above. The Solara II Dining Table from WHi, with the tempered glass top and chromed metal legs in a funky crossover design. This table is great for casual dining or take it up a notch with crystal and candlelight for a romantic dinner for two.



Mixing metallics with glass is always modern and minimalist; cool designs that give you the shine and the chic! Using cooler metals, like silver and chrome, keeps it in the tone, but if you want to add a splash of warmth, you can still have the look with a gold tone or rose gold metallic that will be just as inviting.

One of our newer pieces, the Carlyn Accent Table in Gold from !nspire is perfect for adding a minimalist twist but with a touch of warmth with the gold tone metal and smoked glass. The overlapping elliptical base is contemporary and stylish, giving your space the glamour and comfort of rounded edges.

CARLYN 501-260GL


Faux Fur For The Warm

In complete contrast with the shimmer of glass and metal is the texture and warmth of faux fur. You can add it as a throw, as a small area rug, in the form of pillows or, if you want to make a real statement, what about the Celia Settee from !nspire?

CELIA 401-390WT_4

The soft white faux fur is shaggy and warm, while the acrylic legs are cool and clean. It’s a study in contrast that would be perfect in a winter design!

Get the best of both worlds by mixing a warm metal with a faux fur texture and have seating fit for the Queen of Narnia herself!

ANGELICA !nspire’s Angelica Double Bench in White is the perfect combination.


Wintery Accents For The Win

There are dozens of ways to add a little winter to your décor without making the space cold or uncomfortable:


Add some sparkle — whether a funky chandelier with glass pieces shimming in the evening light, or even pieces of wood and pinecones sprayed with glitter, you can pick up the light in the room and make it shine.


Lights galore — add tiny white lights indoors to add some more indirect lighting that picks up the glitter but isn’t too bright!


Pops of color — just to make sure the space isn’t overwhelmed by fifty shades of white, add pops of color to draw the eye. Perhaps some crimson red cut flowers, accent pillows laced with green and gold, or votive candles and holders in a deep shade of cranberry.


However you choose to add a little wintery shimmer to your home, make sure you balance it with a little warmth too and you’ll have a space that you’ll be happy to use, right through until spring.


Don’t forget, if you buy a home accent from !nspire or WHi, post a picture on Instagram, tagged with #InspireAtHome and maybe your picture will become a #FanFeatureFriday !