Transitioning Your Décor To An Autumn Palette

A little red and gold will go a long way

Ask any of our sales reps from the U.S. North East or Canada and they’ll tell you that, from a design point of view, one of the most beautiful times of the year is fall.

There’s so much scope outside for creating an unbelievable interior. The brilliant colors of the leaves changing over from summer, in their eye popping hues of red, orange, gold and yellow, leave you breathless!

Incorporating some of that gorgeousness into your home isn’t all about color either! Think texture and patterns too!


Natural Furniture That Evokes The Forest

When you think of autumn, most people’s thoughts run to falling leaves, hay bales, fall fairs and the great outdoors. After all, for anyone living a little to the North, autumn is the last hurrah before the quiet of winter settles in.

Furniture that brings the great outdoors inside with a natural color and texture is ideal for adding some autumn inside. Take, for example, the Nila Accent Table in Natural.

The sustainably cultivated acasia wood top is artisan crafted so that each piece will be unique. The wrought iron hairpin legs give it that extra rustic style!

NILA 501-329NAT_1


Add Color And Texture With Paint

Decorative paint techniques are a great way to add something extra to your walls, without getting into wallpaper or paneling. It creates a natural warmth by simulating a more outdoor view, right inside. Autumn colors are perfect in this capacity!

How can you add texture? 

  • Put up a coat of paint in your chosen color and then add a second coat of a colored glaze in the same palette, using sponges or rags, instead of brushes or rollers.
  • Purchase paint that is textured—sand and stone are two popular and readily available textures. This paint just rolls on, like any other, but it is mixed to create a texture on the wall. For example, silica sand is added to some mixtures to make it appear grainy.
  • Stencils are an option—in a leaf design, for example—but best used in moderation so as not to become an unwanted throwback to design trends of the 1990s.


Carpets Warm Up The Space And Add A Pop

While a lot of us love our hardwood floors, as the chill of autumn evenings arrives, there’s nothing like a cozy rug to brighten and warm up a room.

Throw rugs (and blankets for the sofa) in warm autumn shades like burnt sienna and copper aren’t so vivid as to be overpowering to the eye, but they’re very warm and welcoming.

Autumn Post

Terracotta Biscuit Rug from Lorena Canals is washable, handmade and a stunning addition when you want to warm up a space, quickly and easily!


Accessories To Reflect The Shades Of Autumn

Design motifs, like leaf patterns, are ideal for creating a little autumn magic at home.

Autumn Post 2

The matching color Leaf Basket  from Lorena Canals is ideal for extra storage, made from natural cotton and dyes.

Another great way is to leverage furniture that literally reflects the colors you have in the rest of your space. Warm metals like gold, rose gold and copper have precisely that hint of  warmth found on a breezy autumn afternoon, just as the sun is starting to set and kids are home from school.

One of our favorites is the Giada Accent Table in Gold. It’s a modern geometric shape and base pattern, but the warmth of the gold finish provides those rich tones you want to add to an autumn palette.

GIADA 501-315GL_1

If you want to inject a little pink into your color scheme you can also opt for something elegant, finished in rose gold, like !nspire’s Athena Console Table.

It’s a contemporary piece that fits well into a small space and has a light, airy quality, thanks to the tempered glass, with a touch of rose gold warmth.

athena rose gold 

However you choose to bring a little of the stunning array of autumn colors into your home, you will appreciate their warmth and delight in their coziness, come January! So have fun with it and share it with us on Instagram, with hashtags #inspireathome or #whiathome. Your design could become a future #FridayFanFeature!