Mira Dining Table

The Perfect Place Setting

An elegant dining table requires the right accessories!

Whether an informal dinner for six or a romantic dinner for two, appropriate place settings can make a table pop, luring diners to it and keeping them there for a nice long chat.


Start With A Clean Slate

As with every design, if you are starting from a clean slate, you can create anything you want. First, consider the number of guests and the reason for the gathering: is it to celebrate a silver anniversary or a recent promotion? How you decorate will change depending on the ‘formality’ of the event.

You can go for anything from simple silverware and wine glasses to linens, crystal and name cards. It’s up to you and is only limited by your imagination. But every elegant design needs to begin with a clean slate.

What do we mean by a ‘clean slate’? Check out this #FanFeatureFriday, where @AnnaLHValle used the Melia Side Chairs from !nspire, paired with a simple table to create a look that can be dressed up for something special, or dressed down for the everyday.

the Melia Side Chairs


Match The Design To The Environment Too

If you’re not dining formally, but instead everyone is going to be perched at the breakfast bar, you need to design a table setting and table accessories that match the style of your ‘table’.

In this #FanFeatureFriday from @onixdesigns, featuring the Trex II Stools from !nspire, you can see how you might want to pare down the number of table accessories to contain the minimalist, cool design that is dominated by the tasteful counter. Perhaps some simple salt and pepper shakers, tall crystal stemware and heavy linens and silver? Nothing over the top, just simple elegance.



Which Fork Goes Where?

We’ll defer to the master of etiquette on this one and refer to Emily Post. If you are hosting an informal dinner party (no ball gowns required!), you can go for a simple table setting:


Image from EmilyPost.com

If you’re dressing up your table for a more formal party or event, you can go with all sorts of extras that will dazzle your guests.


Dressing Up Your Table For A Party

First, consider your table. Is it big enough? Can you seat everyone comfortably? We’re not suggesting you run out and buy a new table if yours doesn’t exactly fit the bill, but if you were going to, one of our hands down favorite and most popular dining tables would be the Jeeva Dining Table from !nspire. With the gorgeous wood grain of the natural Sheesham wood as well as very sturdy leaf extensions at each end, this table can take you from family to dinner party in no time. With or without a linen, it’s a chic and elegant option.

Wooden Dining Table Decor

Secondly, have a theme and color scheme. This will dictate the whole design. Are you going with an ultra fancy violet and black “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” look? Or perhaps a more country, down-home style? Whatever your choice of theme will dictate the rest of your design.

Now, you need to consider centerpieces (or not): flowers, candles, ornamental glass bowls filled with a thematic item. At Christmas, for example, glass bowls filled with glass ornaments is a lovely idea. In the summer? Bowls of uniformly colored flat stones with some sea grasses interspersed in for a beach look.

Finally, your individual place settings need to reflect your theme and style. An informal dinner, as mentioned above is easy to design. You can take that to a whole other level if you want to go more formal! Tablecloth, placemats, and napkins are just the beginning. Oyster forks, anyone?


Formal place setting from EmilyPost.com


Whatever kind of event you are hosting, your table settings say a lot about the kind of evening you’re striving for: let them speak loud and proud and carry the night away!