Top 3 Tips For Furnishing A Tiny Condo

Downsize right: How to maximize your use of small spaces

The price of homes in urban areas is rising. Whether you’re taking advantage of that fact to downsize or just starting out in the housing market, a small condo is likely the next step.

Averaging 500 sq. ft., condo apartments dwellers have to become masters of making good use of space. Really, it’s a question of finding furniture with smooth edges and clean lines, so that the eye is fooled into thinking that less is more.

Of course, the first step in downsizing is getting rid of a lot of clutter, and possibly some older, larger furniture that just won’t work in your new space. So the move is a great time to look forward and find those key accents and pieces that will fit in your space and make it great!


Look For Furniture That Does Double Duty

Benches with storage, sofas that become beds… there are a lot of fabulous ways to furnish a small space without eating up all the floor space! You’re looking for any piece of furniture that can serve more than one purpose.

One of our favorite storage benches is the Melita Storage Bench from WHi. It’s sexy and refined on the outside, with soft fabric and button tufting. Add to that the oodles of storage space on the inside and you’ve got a piece that makes sense in a small space. Keep clutter to a minimum and seating style on high!

MELITA 401-168GY_2


Maximize Underused Spaces

A breakfast bar or kitchen island make great ‘coffee in the morning’ and ‘chatting over a cold Sauvignon Blanc in the evening’ areas, with the addition of a couple of stools.

The great thing about stools is that you can find one to suit any style. If you prefer something more modern and minimalist, with a little hint of industrial, there are plenty of them. If you are more interested in comfort for a long sit down with that glass of wine, those are available too.

 !nspire’s Revo Counter Stool has a modern design that tends to jive with condo living, with a solid elm wood seat and one-piece metal frame. It’s sturdy and minimalist, in one clean look. However, the true genius behind these stools for a small space is that they are stackable, so if you need them out of the way for a party, it’s no problem.

REVO 203-235


A recent #FanFeatureFriday picture submitted on Instagram—thank you @bboyspeedy—had three Etta stools lined up and ready for a good meal. You can see how function and form come together in these simple yet gorgeous designed stools. They even help keep the dog dishes out from under foot. Good idea!



Get The Biggest Bed You Can!

We spend 7+ hours a day in bed, so it should be comfortable. Unless you’re living in a studio, you will have a bedroom so remember this: when it comes to sleep comfort, size matters.

Measure your room and get yourself the biggest bed that will fit in the space without forcing you to launch yourself into it from the doorway!

Everyone on our sales team covets this one from WHi: the Rimo 54” Bed. Why? Because it’s simply elegant with vertical panel stitching on the headboard. It’s plush and functional, at the same time. When it comes to furnishing a small space, comfort combined with function is the ideal!



Finding the right furniture for your smaller space isn’t the hard part. The hard part will be choosing WHICH pieces you’ll want to get!