How To Get That New England Beach Look… Anywhere

Ah, Martha’s Vineyard, Kennebunkport, Cape Cod (or ‘the Cape’, as it’s known to locals.)

The distinct beach cottage style is rooted in historical charm that never goes out of style. A New England beach cottage style at home is within your grasp, with just a few tweaks and décor touches.

If you need a theme to help get you started, consider all things nautical as one way to bring the beach into your home; or perhaps a subtler look of beach grass and sea glass is more to your taste.

Often a beach cottage will look, on the surface, like it contains a hodgepodge of furniture and décor. But take a closer look and you’ll find there is method to the sandy madness.


Natural Fibers And High Contrast Color Schemes

Evoking the ebb and flow of the beach lifestyle means natural fibers, clean lines and contrast in your colors. Choosing white walls, or something in a light blue or yellow, screams ‘outdoors’, while your pillows and other accents can be brighter, eye catching hues of red and royal blue.

Perhaps a Misha Double Bench in light blue, to make you think of gentle waves. The light blue hue is just the right side of neutral: it will contrast against lighter walls and look great with a few architectural picture books piled on it while the acrylic legs give it an ocean feel. The textured linen fabric is very beachy indeed!

MISHA 401-202LB_1

Flowing window treatments to catch the sea breezes, whether you live beachside or in the middle of town, are the soft touch that rooms with a lot of windows will benefit from. Don’t forget to add some greenery, reflective of the water and tall, waving grasses, and natural wood.


Wood—Painted Or Plain—Is Essential

We did a quick survey of our New England area reps and they agreed: the ideal accents for a New England Beach look need to be all about wood. Exposed beams, hardwood floors that haven’t been polished to a slippery sheen, simple wooden cabinetry, and ladder back chairs, all in natural or at least neutral shades.

The knots and beautiful irregularities of wood, on the walls and as part of the furnishings, help to create the look. One of our most popular pieces in that part of the world is in fact the Lakeview Dining Table in Vintage Pine from !nspire. The rustic reclaimed pine wood table is a solid piece that will last while your family enjoys days and nights, eating, laughing and living.



Pair this table with the matching Lakeview Double Bench in Vintage Pine and every day will feel like a picnic at the beach!

LAKEVIEW 401-170


If you’re planning on your home feeling like a long weekend at the cottage, every day of the week, you need to plan for plush. After all, a long day of play at the beach requires an easy landing when you get home!

The Luxor Sofa in Grey from WHi looks and feels like a pillow. The neutral, soft grey fabric will fit into your beach look, with a throw and a few pillows. You COULD get so comfortable that you might want to stay put and sleep there. Since the Luxor is a sofa bed, that’s a problem solved in two easy clicks.!

LUXOR 108-176GY_2


What kind of furniture says New England Beach to you? A hammock doesn’t count! Share how you would style your home to get that warm, breezy feel with us! We’d love to hear about it!