How to Design With All American Décor

Flag Day is one day, but that patriot inspiration lasts all year long

National pride is a wonderful thing: love of country, love of the flag and love of the people who make up the great nation of the U.S.A.!

There’s no need to drape your walls in the flag to show your pride though (unless you want to, of course.) But you can also show your pride through stylish home décor and furnishing choices.


Add Colors From The Red, White, And Blue

Use colors from the flag to inspire your choice of natural focal point pieces for different rooms in your house.

Whether you choose to paint an accent wall red to complement your white curtains and blue chair, or just pick one shade for your bed and linens, be energized by the flag!

!nspire’s Stealth II Bench in Red is a perfect example of a focal piece that your friends will talk about. Contemporary styling that is comfortable and fun, this double bench is ideal in a rec room or any other place where a little extra seating might go a long way. Set this piece against a blue accent wall, with a white throw on the floor and you’ve got the look!



Contemporary design is fun and funky, but not for everyone. There’s a lot to be said for the more timeless classics too.

One of our most popular designs that are we can barely keep in stock is the Amber Accent Chair or Settee, in blue, from !nspire. They are simple, comfortable and cozy and will suit any room in the house. Pairing either of these pieces with that same white throw, and adding splashes or red to the room (a red frame or vase, etc.) is a subtle nod to the national spirit.

AMBER room


Classic American Furniture Design

A star-spangled home is effortless when you draw inspiration from the clean lines of classic Americana. You can leverage more muted shades of the red, white and blue, and combine them with elegant, timeless furniture to get the look.

Add a hint of rusticity, to evoke days gone by, to take this style to a new level, like the Morrison Coffee Table in Rustic Oak from WHi. This table has the nod to the industrial age with the black iron frame, legs and wheels, and the rusticity of the ash veneer top. It’s a solid piece that will stand the test of time.



Check out how an anonymous sharer for #FanFeatureFriday styled up her gorgeous kitchen, filled with classic accessories and modern design: the very image of quintessential Americana design. The Astra Adjustable Stools from !nspire are the icing on this cake!

Kitchen FanFriday


Some of our most popular pieces transcend any particular time and place, but others are the ultimate reflection of some of our favorite places in this great nation.


Think Local Style When Choosing Accents

You can express your love of country through locally inspired design. There is so much variety in the 50 states, in terms of ‘local color’.

Think of the South and images of sweeping verandas and hanging moss spring to mind. Say the North West and suddenly water, towering trees and wildlife are in the picture. Texas? Wide expanses and striking desert motifs. There’s always a way to bring local flavor into your design.

For example, if you happen to love the Big Apple (who doesn’t, right?), how about an accent table that shows others how you feel about it too? WHi’s Soho Accent Table in Black is simple and elegant, with two color print on the tempered glass top and a chic C-style base that will fit in almost anywhere.

SOHO 501-749RND


Whatever way you want to show your patriotism in your home, you can do it with subtle style and grace, creating a look that is sophisticated and tells people who visit your home that you’ve got an eye for all things beautiful.

Have you included a WHi or !nspire piece in a particularly American spirit style? Share a picture of it on Instagram, using hashtags #inspireathome or #whiathome. Your design could become a future #FridayFanFeature!