How to Bring Your Garden Inside For That Summer Feeling All Year Long

Have a fresh, clean look, all year long.

Whether you live in the frozen North or the sweltering South, bringing a little of the outdoors into your home is a classic way to decorate. That way, you can create living space that has a natural and organic feel: outdoorsy but still cozy.

Ask any of our Canadian sales reps and they’ll tell you how important it is to make your interior feel like a warm summer day, even in February!

So how can you bring some of the vibrancy of July inside, to be enjoyed all year long? We have a few ideas…


Stick To Organic Shapes, Colors And Materials

Have you ever seen a square leaf? Of course not! Turn to rounded edges, soft textures, natural colors and materials that you would normally find outside.

WHi’s Flora Accent Chair is a great example. Plush seating with a nature-inspired geometric pattern and neutral tones is a great addition to any room of the house where you want to create that feeling of being outside while still being warm and cozy (or cool and dry, depending on the season!)

!nspire Tip! Try it as a dining chair for a unique look…


Flora accent chair in beige


Even if you don’t have a garden—and let’s face it, with so many of us living in the urban jungle, that’s often the case these days —you can still add strategic home accents to create that ‘nature’ vibe.


Add Some ACTUAL Nature To Your Space

Whether in the form of glass bowled terrariums, tiny enclosed Japanese gardens with bonsai trees or simply by bringing in potted plants and trees to sit in your window sill, you can add a touch of the outdoors to your home.

Ideally, the look you are creating will stay uniform and uninterrupted by the tables and consoles that are hosting these lovely green extras. Look for complementary furniture with natural grains, such as in beautiful sheesham wood pieces.

!nspire’s Idris Accent Table in Dark Sheesham is a great example: The natural grain, knots and patterns in the wood make each piece as unique as each tree in the forest. Ecologically farmed from sustainable resources, these simple, clean-line style tables will show off your favorite plants and indoor succulents beautifully.

IDRIS 501-814DS_2

Also available are the coffee table, console table and shelving unit. Your fluid, natural design would be most cohesive if you use several pieces together from the same collection. The staggered shelves in particular offer a rustic chic look that will enhance your natural space…

IDRIS 505-814GY


All green spaces need two other things to make them complete: water and light. The same can be said for all nature-inspired spaces and one way to ensure the light is to use the right materials.


Create Fluidity And Light… With Glass

Glass furniture and accents create a feeling of space. Instead of heavy and cloying, glass tables reflect the light in the room, giving a sense of openness and airiness. Exactly like being outdoors under a big sky.

Your guests will not only notice the glass table, but everything on and around it too.

While to some, glass feels modern and glacial, if it’s done right, a glass topped table can enhance a warm natural design. All it takes is a natural toned base, rounded edges and clean lines. Something like the Rocca Dining Table from WHi…

ROCCA 201-264-40_3


The legs are actually metal (think: sturdy), but with the walnut finish applied, you get a distinctly natural look, while still keeping that airiness that glass provides.


Do you need some !nspiration?

For design inspiration, check out how @Lakeshoredesigns styled our Tahoe stool from !nspire on this #FridayFanFeature. They’ve taken a neutral tone space and added that natural element that just gives it something extra and is a perfect complement to the natural ceilings and beams.



Have you included a WHi or !nspire piece in your home in a spectacular way? Share a picture of it on Instagram, using hashtags #inspireathome or #whiathome. Your design could become a future #FridayFanFeature!