How To Bring Industrial Design Into Your Home Like A Pro

But live in a more traditional back split?

Not to worry: you can incorporate elements of industrial design into any style of home. A traditional industrial design space will have elements including brick walls, concrete floors and pillars, and exposed pipes and ductwork.

Unless you’ve bought a condo or apartment that was designed this way, adding these larger features isn’t really possible, but you can incorporate pieces in a more traditional design that will give you some of the look of industrial design, without the big changes.


Some Of The Traits Of Industrial Design

  • Neutral, monochromatic colors and shades including whites, gunmetal grays and browns
  • A lot of wood, glass and metal surfaces
  • Natural and strong lighting and open spaces

Really, industrial style means incorporating objects that put the emphasis on functional rather than aesthetics, from lights and window treatments to tables and accessories. And while an industrial look can seem almost unfinished, you can aspire to a more elegant twist on the design by blending it with your more contemporary pieces.


Incorporating Industrial Design With Metals

The move towards stainless steel appliances and kitchen grade gas ranges has brought the industrial into the everyday. The idea is to have pieces of furniture and appliances that are designed with the past in mind, when function was more important than form. Wrought iron, brushed steel or tin are perfect examples of the ‘colder’, heavier metals that evoke the style.

An industrial style loft apartment created from an old warehouse, with exposed pipes and ducts, is built to remind residents of the building’s origins. With this in mind, you can add pieces to your home that will evoke the same feeling.

BRONX 301-267BK_1

The Bronx Coffee Table from !nspire is definitely designed with the industrial style in mind. Pipe-like base with antique black distressed finish and a tempered glass top is modern industrial design come to life.

Other ways you can add some vintage industrial chic is by mixing your materials: metals, glass and wood.


Incorporating Industrial Design With Mixed Materials

Mixing a rougher wooden table with sleek metal chairs is a great way to blend natural, vintage look with modern, giving that ‘throwback’ feeling that is the mark of the industrial style.

The combination is functional, yet sophisticated. Another option is to go very modern with a sleek metal and glass combination that will definitely be the focal point of the dining room.

ALTO 201-783WT_3

!nspire’s Alto Dining Table in white is the perfect example. With self-storing extension and a white painted glass top and steel wrapped base and accents, this table is the essential combination of several materials to create an industrial style.

The whole look is less about what is ornate and detailed and more about functionality, so when you’re shopping for accessories to add some industrial flair, look for more minimalist pieces: faux hurricane lamps with glass enclosures, standalone metal and wood shelving, fixtures for sinks that scream “restaurant style”, antique metal lightshades paired with sleek modern pendant lights.

Remember that less is more: a minimalist, industrial look is achieved with an appearance of openness and light, not spaces that are chock-a-block with ‘stuff’.


Incorporating Industrial Design Doesn’t Mean Discomfort

While it’s true that more minimal, industrial style furnishing lack the soft embrace of a super cozy surface, the no frills designs don’t equal austerity and discomfort. Solid pieces with little to no embellishment or trimming are the order of the day.

!nspire’s Argyle Adjustable Stool has that throw back functionality in the manual screw-lift seat and iron A-line base with footrest but also a natural component with the mango wood stool top. It blends rustic and contemporary in a way that perfectly evokes the industrial look, while still being comfortable.

ARGYLE 203-105GY_1

Finish your look with some very avant garde art pieces, highlighted with tiny art lamps and cool shades of gray and white on your walls and accent walls and you’re well on your way to the design you’re craving.

Whether you call it minimalist or modern, the industrial design style is what’s happening these days. Have you used any accents or pieces in your home that have the industrial look? Share them with us!