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Four Ways The Right Accent Chair Will Amp Up Your Style

Accent chairs come in many styles, but the one thing they have in common is that they can complement any space

The best thing about accent chairs is their versatility. You can have fun with different textures and prints with a standalone accent chair, adding bold colors or patterns without it being overwhelming, as it could be with a larger piece.

On the flipside, you can show off a great piece of art by keeping your accent chairs more neutral and perhaps opting for more textured upholstery. Whatever your design style and space you want to add to, there’s an accent chair to match!


How Accent Chairs Can Transform Your Living Room

This is probably the most obvious use for an accent chair. Create cozy corners that invite conversation by placing the right accent chairs kiddie corner to each other, with a small side table in between.

And if you have a small space? Accent chairs create the seating and the effect of a usable space without a single large piece of furniture dominating.

You can move accent chairs around to support your focal point, so if that’s your fireplace, you can set them to either side for a cozy fireside chat, or if it’s an heirloom coffee table, you can place chairs on either side to encourage lively debate of the issues of the day! Whatever style suits you best is completely flexible and changeable with accent chairs!

Ultimately, the right accent chairs can be a real reflection of your personal style, without committing to a major renovation! Add one at the end of your sofa and you change the look of the room entirely!

minto accent chair

How Accent Chairs Will Transform Your Bedroom

While a big enough room is needed, there is nothing more pleasant than adding some seating to the bedroom!

For one thing, if you want to sit and read a book in peace and quiet, an accent chair can be a lot more conducive to the act without the risk of nodding off!  Placing an accent chair in the corner of the room, with a gorgeous reading lamp creates that little nook that can provide a little escape from the everyday. Make sure it’s cozy enough to curl up into!

Instead of a bench at the end of the bed, put an accent chair to the side and make excellent use of an otherwise unused corner. Another great option is to use an accent chair for your dressing table, rather than a bench or stool. It’s such an elegant look and comfortable too.

!nspire’s Brandon Accent Chair is a perfect example of a versatile chair that would work well in a bedroom. The simple elegance of the lines of the bonded leather and solid rubberwood legs in a dark walnut finish will coordinate well with most any decor.

brandon accent chair

Accent Chairs Can Create A Fabulous Dining Room Or Breakfast Nook

Using club chairs or not too low slipper chairs are a great twist on the usual dining room setup! Talk about encouraging those long, leisurely dinners where everyone settles in for a good feed and great conversation!

If you want to keep it comfortable and light, consider WHi’s Zena Accent Chair. With a French inspired design and Eiffel style metal base, your guests will want to linger over dinner for ages! Available in grey, beige or blue, these tufted chairs will complement many looks!

zena accent chair

Want to feel royal? Place larger wing back or club chairs at each end of your dining room table. After all, you work hard! You deserve to feel special when sitting down to a family meal! Keep some uniformity with the rest of the chairs and you’ve got a ‘mix-and-match’ look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to embrace a non-traditional shape, so long as the height of the chair works relative to the table height: you don’t want guests feeling like they are children at the big kid’s table!


Accent Chairs Are No Longer Taboo In The Bathroom

This is a great place for a lighter accent chair so go for something armless and simple, but nonetheless chic. If you’ve got the space for it, an accent chair adds an air of comfort to the bathroom.

A chair that has a low seat is a nice addition, like WHi’s Elle Accent Chair in Green. The perfect vibrant shade for a bathroom, with a comfortable velvet upholstery

elle accent chair

An well shaped occasional chair can be like a piece of art, which isn’t what you automatically think of when you’re decorating a bathroom, but imagine having a spa day at home where you can sit back and relax for a moment, while giving yourself a pedicure! Do you feel relaxed yet?

Wherever you place your accent chairs—front and center in the living room or off to the side in the nook by the stairs—you can add a lot to a space by including interesting designs and elegant pieces. What’s your favorite use of an accent chair in your home? Tell us!