Why Diamonds Are A Home’s Best Friend

Add a little bling into your everyday…

There’s something comforting about the flash of a diamond. Perhaps it’s because we equate them with wealth, or perhaps it’s because they are cut beautifully with clean geometric lines: a look that everyone can appreciate.

Whatever the reason, adding a little glamor to your décor is easily achieved with the shimmer and shine of diamonds or the elegant design of a diamond pattern.


A Little Goes A Long Way

You needn’t crust the headboard with the stones in order to get the shining glow that diamonds give. Since you are likely not using the real article, you might be tempted to add more than you need. Just remember that less is more when it comes to adding this décor accent.

Think light switch plates with shimmer; chandeliers with crystal accents; rhinestone candleholders that sparkle.

Do you see a pattern here?

 Placing some shimmer near a source of illumination maximizes the inherent beauty and warmth of your light! The gleam will reflect not only off the geometric design, but off the surface itself, glinting in every direction. That’s the beauty of a diamond cut stone: it has more reflective surfaces than most other shapes.

Imagine a glass bowl filled with clear and pink glass ‘diamond’ crystals. Now imagine adding some flickering tea lights into the bowl and placing this in the middle of a table. The pink and white gleam emanating from the bowl would be radiant!


Furniture With Pizzazz

No need for a Liberace style piano! Getting a little extra shimmer and shine without being overwhelming is just a matter of strategic placement.

A stitched diamond pattern that is highlighted with rhinestones, for example, takes an ordinary tufted headboard from pretty to sumptuous. WHi’s Glitz 60” bed in white has precisely this detailing: it’s subtle, yet will leave you feeling like royalty as you enjoy a ‘morning in’, any given Sunday.

GLITZ 101-820Q-WT

The combination of the diamond stitched pattern with the stones is doubly delightful.

Another gorgeous example is !nspire’s Monique Storage Ottoman in Gray. The crystal button tufting gives the bench a little something more, matched by the Cabriole legs in a chrome finish that adds that little extra shine. The overall effect set against the muted gray of the upholstery is stunning.



Diamond Patterns Delight

The crisscross of a diamond pattern is eye catching in and of itself. Diamond pattern wallpaper in bold colors will punch up a wall and your space will channel the darling harlequins from Italy’s Commedia dell’arte! It’s a bold choice and should be limited to a small area, but what a statement it would make!

A neutral room can get an eye-catching boost by adding cushions or a rug with a diamond pattern design on it. One particularly fun idea is to take a square mirror and turn it on its end, so that you hang it as a diamond pattern on the wall. It’s a delightful change up for an otherwise classic accent.

Diamond patterns don’t require a stone to be elegant. !nspire’s Biscotti Double Bench in Light Gray has a classic wingback design with silver nail head detailing and the diamond pattern one has come to expect with wingback pieces. The button tufting adds a cozy dimension that would work in a formal entranceway, as easily as it would in a casual nook.

BISCOTTI 401-188LG_1

If you’re planning to re-tile an area of your home, utilizing two different shades of tile will allow you to take a classic horizontal design and literally put it on its side, creating an outstanding diamond pattern.

You don’t need to be a Vanderbilt to love diamonds and diamond patterns: it’s all a question of finding the right additions and accents that will add that shimmer and elegance to your space.


Are you fond of diamonds or diamond patterns? Do you have them in your design in a way we haven’t described here? Share it with us!