That 70s Décor

There are no plastic wrapped sofas in these designs!

When it came to décor in the 1970s, contrast was the name of the game. Minimalist clean lines contrasted with decadent faux fur. High tech styling contrasted with hippy-chic beads and colors.

Incorporating retro chic is a fun way to show your individuality, as long as you remember that the goal with any design is to create some ‘wow’ factor but still leave guests, family and friends feeling comfortable in the space. After all: it’s a home, not a wax museum!

If you grew up during these halcyon days of contradiction, you might have a little nostalgia for the décor. Interestingly, a lot of the designs that are popular today have elements of the 70s style: open concept ranch style layouts; a back to nature, environmentally friendly approach to décor; a lot of color and so many chairs!


Gold And Geometric

Ultra modern designs, with chrome and golds, combined with a softer surface were common and reflected the notion of contradiction that dominated the period. You can bring a little of that into your home with !nspire’s Paxon Double Bench in Blue. It’s a classic ‘old versus modern’ piece: the rich blue velvet upholstery is in stark contrast with the geometric gold finish frame. Whether used to give a first impression in the entranceway, or to be a last sight at the end of a day, at the foot of bed, this bench can be styled however you see fit.

Paxon Double Bench in Blue

Paxon Double Bench in Blue


If you want to have a little more fun with texture while still bringing in the contrast from the period, !nspire’s Angelica Double Bench in white brings together soft and shaggy white faux fur with sturdy, geometric gold finish legs. It’s lush and fun and makes a statement beyond compare.


Angelica Double Bench in White


Retro Chic Need Not Shock

Picture bold geometric wallpaper with large circles, and upholstery in a variety of shades of red, green and yellow. That’s the look that many of us think of when we think about the 70s. But the vintage look doesn’t have to be overwhelming; if you want to go vintage, there are lots of (less intense) ideas!

For example, glass and brass light fixtures that look like dangling orbs. Geometric or animal print patterns on pillows and rugs. Modular style shelving and plenty of greenery, to provide a natural contrast to straight lines and bold colors.

The trick is to look for ways to add eye-catching pieces that will give your design that oomph.

There is no need to overwhelm the eye with color; add it judiciously and make a statement instead of an eyesore. In fact, a few select pieces, set against a neutral and modern background, can pull a room together beautifully.

Think celadon green upholstered chairs set against a gray sofa and monotone zig zag patterned rug. Or a natural fiber wallcovering, like sisal, with red upholstery on the chairs and lots of green plants.


Old Style Wood With Modern Upholstery

 A great way to get that feeling of contradiction is by including furnishings that combine a natural and rounded wood frame with elaborate details on the more modern upholstery.

For example, !nspire’s Durango Double Bench in Gray. Solid legs and arms in rubberwood with a walnut finish contrast beautifully with the sleek but comfortable design of the textured fabric cushions. Add a faux fur throw blanket or geometric print pillows to complete the look.

Durango Double Bench in Gray

Durango Double Bench in Gray


A particular 70s shape is the rounded edge. We can also include chairs that are moulded, and tables that stand on splayed, rounded legs in that category. !nspire’s Beso Accent Chair gives you that rounded look in the coffee finished rubberwood frame, while still reflecting a modern touch in the smooth faux leather cushions.

Beso Accent Chair in Brown

Beso Accent Chair in Brown


Pieces like the Beso Accent Chair aren’t overwhelming in terms of bulk or style, so you can include a lot of them, or mix and match them with benches for extra seating and storage.


Do you like to include some vintage pieces in your décor? What’s your preferred decade? Share a picture with us! We’d love to know!