How To Design An Edgy Room Without Going Overboard

Avant Garde Home Décor that Actually Looks Good

Do you want your home to be slightly on the edge of style? A bit non-traditional and a lot of your personality? That’s great! Showing off a little bit of leg through your décor, so to speak, is a great way to express yourself. But it’s possible to go too far and take your décor from original and edgy to over the top.

There are a few ways that you can keep your avant-garde style under control though, without compromising on chic.


Make A Splash

A backsplash, that is. This is one area of design that you can really put your unique stamp on your décor without making a major commitment. Did you get a divorce? Smash your wedding china and turn it into an eclectic backsplash for your kitchen. Honeymooned in the Caribbean? Incorporate shells and beautiful minerals in your bathroom sink backsplash.

Taking it too far would be adding any manner of glass bead, glittering metal or plastic tchotchkes to line the wall behind your stove!


Bathe In Bed

Okay, not literally, but having a large soaker tub in the bedroom, instead of the bathroom, can go one of two ways, design wise. It will either evoke cringe-worthy memories of a cheap motel or it will convey every element of sexy boudoir.

The difference will be in the execution. A corner tub with colors that blend in nicely with existing décor, a little stepping stool for hopping in and out, or a comfortable seat next to it with a bookshelf to turn the bath into a wet reading nook… There are so many ways you can make that work.

Taking it too far would be a heart shaped tub, à la Niagara Falls motel, or a tub so large that it takes up half the remaining space in the room. It’s not meant to be a focal point; just a part of your oasis.


Reflect On You

Mirrors are nothing new, but mirrors on cabinets are something of an extra. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in places you’d never think of, mirrored cabinet doors can be sleek and modern or gilded and antique. It’s entirely up to your taste!

!nspire’s Ester Cabinet in Antique Silver has the mirrored top and backing on the front of the cabinet to give that look but the wood overlay keeps the look classic and not too flashy. You could use this in a dining room, living room or bedroom and coordinate it with other pieces with ease…

ESTER 507-138

Ester Cabinet in Antique Silver


Taking it too far would be blending mirrored cabinets with mirrored tables, glass chair legs, a twinkling chandelier… basically, too much glass and shine that distracts from absolutely everything else in the room and makes it impossible to be in the space without wearing sunglasses.

Another great example of using mirror judiciously so it’s not over the top is !nspire’s Eden Console Table in Silver:

EDEN 502-213_1

Eden Console Table in Silver


The beveled mirrored top and sides and the antique silver finish on the wood give an elegant shimmer that doesn’t overwhelm the eye.


Plant A Forest

The odd houseplant is nice, adding a little nature and greenery to your room. A full size palm tree? Now we’re talking focal point! A neutral space can turn into a lush arboretum with little effort on your part and your friends will be talking about it for days on end.

Taking it too far would be trees lining one wall, creating a veritable forest and a potential leafy mess! Bringing a little nature indoors is fine; attempting to live as one with nature in your living room is a step too far.


Blend Different Elements

Take different elements of nature and blend them. Smooth, round rocks in a rectangular, metal edged vase. Driftwood pieces piled on a glass topped table. The idea is to juxtapose shapes and textures, lines and materials. It’s all a bit of a shock to the eye and that’s the idea! Creating contrast that is somewhat unexpected can do wonders for your edgy design.

Taking it too far would be creating a space that is so angular and uncomfortable that the space could be mistaken for an ‘art nouveau’ installation, instead of your home. Cutting-edge? Yes please. Painful? No thank you.

There is nothing uncomfortable about !nspire’s Stealth II Bench in white, and it is a perfect example of taking a classic concept—a bench for sitting on—to an edgier level. It’s sleek and sexy, with curves to fit and elegant chrome legs.


Stealth II Bench in White


Ultimately, if you’re not sure about your design idea, sketch it out. Look at design websites. See things that go beyond your comfort zone and bring it back on notch. Then you’ll be left with a design that is you, with something extra. What’s your edgy décor feature that you’re most proud of? Share it with us on Instagram!