Hollywood Glam… Right In Your Living Room

A little art deco with some modern airy lines is all it takes…


Think ‘The Great Gatsby’. Imagine flowing champagne, mirrors, geometric patterns and sharp creases.

In the heady days of the 1920s, Hollywood was all about the glamor. You can bring a little bit of that to your home by adding standout pieces to your décor that make a statement. Then all you have to do is throw an epic party!


Cocktails At 8

Cocktail parties aren’t a vestige of the past. You can host an elegant soirée with bite sized morsels and canapes, ice cold drinks in delicate glassware and background music that encourages conversation, a little debate and a lot of enjoyment.

The Zedd 2-Tier Trolley in chrome from WHi is the perfect complement to create a glamorous look that your friends will envy. The chrome finish and tempered glass top shelf are beautifully set off by the mirrored bottom shelf, reflecting light and color and keeping the clean lines that are essential for a quintessential art deco piece.

ZEDD 556-218CH

Zedd 2-Tier Cocktail Trolley


Everyday Elegance

Having a simple cup of tea in the living room can be an exercise in contemporary styling when you have accessories that reflect the look, literally and figuratively! Metallic print fabrics for pillows, patterned and textured wallpaper, lots of glass and chrome. Like the Athena Nesting tables from !nspire, perhaps?

These tables can be tucked together to minimize use of space when you don’t need them and pulled apart when you do. The chrome lattice design looks modern and clean with just that hint of retro.

ATHENA 513-747

Athena Nesting Tables in Chrome


Light And Airy Seating

The look of acrylic, which beautifully imitates glass where the latter would be totally unworkable in décor, is picture perfect for a contemporary take on the roaring twenties. Sleek and modern, yet functional, the Misha Double Bench in Light Blue from !nspire is the ideal representation of a retro redo. A classic diamond pattern tufted cushion is paired with solid, completely clear acrylic legs to give you the best of both worlds. A guest sitting on it will almost look like they’re floating on air!

MISHA 401-202LB_1 (2)

Misha Double Bench in Light Blue


Speaking of benches, one of the challenges of adding Hollywood glam to your home is what to do with all of those decidedly non-glam objects like toys, flashlights and remote controls.

The Monique storage ottoman from !nspire is a lifesaver. Its white faux leather diamond-patterned upholstery boasts gorgeous crystal button tufting that will sparkle under the right chandelier. It’s chrome carbriole legs add flourish, and the best part? It offers discreet yet deep storage (and safety-stop hinges to keep it from slamming shut when you have to fish out the extra table cloth in the middle of your soiree.)

This bench is perfect for extra seating which is important because epic parties always draw more guests than you’d initially invited. It’s simply the price you pay for having a fabulous home and knowing how to use it 😉

MONIQUE 402-130WT_1 (2)

The Monique Storage Ottoman


A little glitz and glamor can spice up the look of any room, making it one in which you can as easily entertain your mother-in-law as Jay Gatsby himself.


Do you like the art deco look, with metal, mirror and glass or are you more of a naturalist, comfortable surrounded by reclaimed wood and stone tiling? Share your favorites with us!