A Boudoir Fit For A Queen…

A sexy design style that’s making a comeback

The term ‘boudoir’ comes from the French verb ‘bouder’, which means to ‘sulk’. The original concept of a boudoir was a room where a person would withdraw to get away from others.

It took on a more tawdry connotation, thanks in part to the Marquis de Sade and his writing about bedroom frolicks, but more recently, a boudoir has been the term used to describe a room that is ornate, complete with heavy linens, dark colors and a lot of mirror and even sequins.

Like every other concept in décor and design, you can take a notion to its ultimate extreme, or you can dial it back to get just the essence. So it is with the perfect boudoir. A room to withdraw to, a room to enjoy, but still, a bedroom that is comfortable and functional. No sulking required.


The Bed Must Be THE Focal Point

To achieve the look and feel of a room meant to be a retreat from the world, the first and most important piece is the bed. From there, the rest of your design can flow.

If a languorous, luxurious style is what you crave, perhaps !nspire’s Kensington Bed will fit the bill. The sleigh bed is the epitome of comfortable elegance, being both warm and cozy as well as beautiful. The antique gold nail head detailing along the edges and the high tufted headboard will guarantee that this bed is the main feature of the room.


Kensington Bed, Available in 60” or 78”


If you prefer a sleeker, more modern look, a bed with more geometric stylings might be in order. !nspire’s Jayden Bed, has silver finish on the wood veneer, as well as textured silver faux leather upholstery on the headboard and footboard. It’s a soft silver tone that creates a subtle backdrop for accessories and other decor pieces that will shine. You can go dramatic with contrasting dark shades of red and blue, or stay with lighter, airy shades to complement the bed.

JAYDEN 101-305K2

Jayden Bed in Silver, Available in 60” or 78”


Add Some Shimmer And Shine

While metallics might not be the obvious choice for a bedroom, it is indeed the route to take to get a traditional boudoir effect. Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors are the order of the day; or at least mirrored surfaces.

In fact, the Jayden line from !nspire has all the pieces needed to complete the look: mirror, dresser, and night table. The mirrored, beveled front pieces on the drawers with brushed nickel hardware add sophisticated shimmer to your boudoir without going over the top.

The matching mirror is designed to work with the 8-drawer dresser. To add to the detail of the design, the top drawers of the dresser are lined with felt, to keep your most delicate items safe.

JAYDEN bedroom

Jayden Bedroom Set including Bed, MIrror, 8 Drawer Dresser, 5 Drawer Chest and 2 Drawer Night Table


Design For A Sophisticated Look Beyond The Boudoir

If this glam design is a style that you would like to take beyond the bedroom, you can add accent pieces to other parts of your home that attract the eye, without being overwhelming.

Antique silver is both contemporary and traditional, in one tidy package. A small cabinet with the right shine will add some drama and a little bit of whimsy to a hallway, a living room or even in the guest powder room, and offer a hint of promise of what’s to come should one receive an invitation to explore other rooms of the house. (And on a less glamorous note, no one would guess that such an elegant piece was hiding the extra toilet paper and hand towels away! Mystery is everything…)

!nspire’s Fiona Cabinet in Antique Silver, with mirrored table top, sides and doors, with a wooden overlay, is the perfect combination of shine and ornate style that will add that little something extra to a space.

Fiona cabinet

Fiona Console Cabinet in Antique Silver


Whether a room to withdraw to or a touch of shining elegance in another part of your home, take the idea of the boudoir and make it your own. How do you make your bedroom the space that your head and your heart desires?