chair for home office design

A Home Office To Enjoy

Can a home office be function and beautiful? Of course! And it’s easier than you think…

Along with updated kitchens and bathrooms, home offices are quickly becoming one of the important wish list items when people—particularly younger generations—are looking at homes to purchase.

Having one in your home is useful and adds value, but only if you do it right…

Whether you work from home every day or just now and again, having a dedicated work space is important to help avoid sleep issues (by keeping technology out of the bedroom) and to help with productivity.

The reality is that you can get more done if you aren’t continually distracted by kids coming and going or the pile of dishes in the sink. A home office empowers you to finish your work and close the door at the end of the day.

If your mental image of a home office is restricted to built in shelves and an ugly office chair, you haven’t even begun to consider the possibilities!


Seating You Can Get Behind

The standard rolling office chair is a thing of the past. Consider instead a classic design like a studded leather chair. Just make sure that the ergonomics work with your desk and you aren’t sitting too low or too high, relative to your keyboard.

And if you need additional seating for a meeting or confab with a client or co-worker, add in a gorgeous accent chair like the Nora that recently took center stage at a Canadian forum for economic development. Whether your business is selling to friends and family or entire nations, everyone needs a good power chair!

Nora Accent Chair

Nora Accent Chair

canadian government uses Nora chair

The Canadian Government uses the Nora to impress its global guests!


Another wonderful chair to consider is the Minka, shown as the  feature image of this blog against a white unit. This piece is professional but also light and an easy choice. Of course, if you don’t have the area for an extra chair, another great option is a storage ottoman.

It will give you extra space to store important items and can double as a side table with an incorporated serving tray when you are enjoying your all-important cup of coffee in the morning.

If someone comes by unexpectedly to chat about your latest project, you can offer them a comfortable perch too.

Kovo Ottoman

Kovo Ottoman


Is It An Office Or A Bedroom?

If a separate home office isn’t an option (hello urban condo dwellers!), consider creating a room that does double duty. You can convert a spare room by trading the traditional bed for a sophisticated sofa or klik klak bed like the Loft. By day, the Loft is a professional looking sofa; by night, it’s a comfortable bed for guests.

Loft Sofa / Bed

Loft Sofa / Bed


Accent tables can double as side tables with a reading lamp, and a single accent chair creates a space where your guest can have a quiet moment with a cup of tea.

Of course, the key to this look is to ensure that you don’t have piles of paperwork and files everywhere. Investing in elegant cabinets will keep the clutter out of site.

Finally, add a smattering of fictional or light reading mixed in with the work-related tomes on your bookshelf and your guests will forget that they’re sleeping in your office!


Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

A home office isn’t a cubicle. You can add so much to take the space from staid to stunning!

Beautiful artwork on the wall, light window dressings and draperies, and a focal-point cabinet for all of your supplies.

The latter doesn’t have to be from an office supply store, but think along the lines of a low cabinet with drawers that will blend in beautifully and even add a splash of color that can inspire the rest of the space.

Sophia cabinet

Sophia Cabinet


There are so many lovely and coordinated office design ideas that you can pull color from.

Designers have moved on from boring cubicle styles to gorgeous patterns and interesting colors like robin’s egg blue for everything from magazine holders to accordion folders.

If you prefer a monochromatic look, think about taking it up to a new level by using chalkboard paint to create a wall for your notes: an alternative to the stodgy whiteboard, for your lists and ideas.

Do you have a home office? What is your favorite way to add a personal touch to the space?