Why Benches Are The New Go-To Home Accent

They are a multi-function staple that no home should be without


Chairs are for sitting and chatting or reading a book; sofas are for lazy weekend naps; a chaise is for swooning, but benches? Benches are the unsung hero of the furniture world. They come to the rescue when you need them and remain unobtrusive when you don’t. They are versatile and attractive, marrying function and style, in one tidy package.

All that in a bench? Indeed.


Benches Are Versatile

Say the word bench and some may think: park bench. Somewhere to sit when contemplating life, or just watching the ducks in the pond. But benches are so much more!

Whether for you need an accent piece for sitting, using as a coffee table or as a storage unit, a bench can fulfill all three roles beautifully, making this piece of furniture the ultimate multi-tasker in your home.

Tucked in the corner of the room for unexpected guests to perch on, or right in the middle of a space to serve as a coffee table, a bench provides that little extra that you might need in your living room, den or even at the end of your bed. (There is nothing less glamorous than tipping over or jumping around on your right foot as you stretch to put on your left shoe. Better to sit and not get all hot and bothered in the process of dressing, don’t you think?)

Whether for your mudroom or your entryway, a dual purpose bench makes good use of space while still reflecting both function and elegance.


WHi Kansas Bench


Benches Are Perfect If You Are Space Conscious

Not every space can accommodate a large sofa or multiple chairs, a coffee table and end tables, despite the need to accommodate friends and family. In fact, the trend towards smaller urban spaces suggests that the versatility of a multi-function bench is a smart acquisition.


Benches Are Stylishly Functional

Yes, a bench is meant for sitting, but it’s the placement of your bench that makes all the difference.

You can take a walk in closet from humdrum to glam by adding a stylish bench where you can sit and tie your roman sandals. No need for a large chair eating up all your space and a bench can double up with storage for those less used items. Tucked under a rack of clothes, it won’t eat up all the space your closet and is a perfect place to drop your handbag at the end of a long day.


WHi Alicia Storage Bench

Whether you’re into faux fur and fun, a more conservative studded tuft or perhaps an elegant, almost historic look, benches can be incorporated into any design and in any room.

Do you use benches in your home for extra seating or storage or both? Tell us how you make benches work for you!