The Elements As Furniture

Furniture inspired by the four elements of nature

We’ve been in the business of furniture sales for over thirty years now, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people love furniture inspired by nature.

Year after year, our best sellers are those items that encapsulate elements of mother nature, whether it be a natural wood table, a blue headboard that reminds us of the sky or perhaps a gorgeous green accent chair that brings the color of the forest inside.

This year is no different and we thought we’d feature those four items that we feel best encapsulate the four elements: Earth, air, fire, and water.



What do you think of when you consider the element of earth? Many of us will picture earth or sand, trees, mountains and rock.

When we incorporate the element of earth into a room, we think of strong foundational pieces like sofas and tables that anchor the rest of your décor.

The designers of the Melville table obviously considered these parts of nature. The table comes in a traditional rectangular shape standing at 30 inches high, or a modern square shape standing at 36 inches, and balances wood with a faux slate top.

The table is sturdy and rustic but beautiful and works perfectly with more luxurious looking pieces like the Avania chairs, pictured below.

melville room copy


From a practical perspective, both versions of these tables have generous leaves (no pun intended) to add space if you’re entertaining a crowd.



Over the last few years, the trend has been towards glass pieces accented with metals – either chrome or different shades of gold (rose gold being our favorite).

When we looked at which items in our collection were inspired by the element of air, our attention immediately shifted to our glass and metallic collections and settled on the popular Morelia coffee and accent table.

These lighter than air tables are perfect for small spaces because they don’t overwhelm, and look equally gorgeous in a large airy room with big windows and fabulous views. The coffee table stands at almost 18” high and the side table is 22.45” off the ground.  We also carry a console version of this table that stands at 30” and the Morelia collection is also available with gold accents.





The great thing about working with glass is that a glass table won’t compete with a bold accent wall or brightly colored floor rug, yet when placed in a room with minimalist decor, a beautifully designed glass table has the gravitas to be center stage.



The element of fire is dangerous and bold, so it’s no surprise that even designers will often shy away from introducing such strong elements into a room. But this is a mistake; we believe in the concept of ‘all things in moderation’ and no more so than when it comes to strong accent pieces.

Fire is the element that brings life and warmth to a room. We know that the colors red and orange stimulate our senses and inspire emotion.

Having said that, it is possible to have too much of a good thing (if you’ve ever walked into a bright red room with red accents, you’ll know what we mean) so this is one element you want to use carefully.

We don’t have a lot of fire-inspired items in any of our collections, but we do have a few carefully curated pieces that we couldn’t live without.

The Stealth Bench II is our favorite fire-inspired accent piece. It comes in red, black and white faux leather or a sophisticated grey fabric, stands at 17” and is 49.5” across, and no other item in the Worldwide Homefurnishings family comes close to the bold energy of this bench.

Regardless of where you place the Stealth, it will be a show stealer.




Picture a crystal blue ocean kissing a white sand beach and Samba music floating over the breeze as you look up at a cloudless sky.

This is the inspiration behind the Rigi accent chair and ottoman in hazy blue. A month ago, we posted this image on Instagram, and since then, we’ve had many vendors calling us to ask for “The Rio Chair!”

Even in its other colors, dark grey, olive green and light grey, this chair perfectly embodies the soothing flow and energy of water.



When choosing to infuse the element of water into your décor, you want to think about pieces with curved, flowing lines and soothing colors.

We often default to color, blue or green, but water is more about fluidity. A light grey or white piece can just as successfully represent the element of water provides it behaves as water does. This means that, rather than choosing hard-edged home accents that break up your décor and draw attention to a single item, you want to choose pieces that work together seamlessly allowing the eye to flow over the entire room without disruption.

How do you infuse nature’s elements into your home? We’d love to hear about your ideas in the comments below!