how to class up your home

Easy Tricks To Class Up Your Home

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look more expensive. Here are some simple tricks that are easy on the budget!

Perhaps you live in the city and 70% of your income goes to rent, or in the burbs and 70% of your income goes to raising your family, but whatever your situation, you can still have a beautiful and expensive looking home that doesn’t break the bank.

Here are a few simple ideas to ‘class it up’ a little:


1- Get Rid of Clutter

This is the quickest and most cost effective way to ante up your home’s class factor. Unless you’re living in Versailles, less is more.

Take a look at each room and remove 21 items. These can be small items, kitschy ornaments, old photo frames, or larger items like that extra side table next to the TV stand and the mismatched credenza. Be ruthless and don’t stop until you’ve removed 21 items (or more) from each room.

You may opt to put the items curbside or list them on Freecycle, but whatever you choose to do, remove them from your home immediately. This is key!

Removing the clutter allows you to breath, feel better in your space and better organize your décor. Even the most worn furniture looks better when it’s not buried under mountains of toys, blankets and magazines.

If you are a bit of a clutter bug, we recommend you do this exercise once a month until you’re in the habit of keeping a clutter-free home.


2- Paint Strategically

Where would we be without the ability to recolor our world with a single coat?

There are so many ways to use paint to class up your abode, and these ideas are really just the tip of the painted iceberg.

Paint Old Linoleum: Yes, you CAN paint old, ugly linoleum floors. It will take a weekend, you will need to sand, repair and prime first, but if you’re living with old linoleum floors, it’s well worth it.

We sourced this great blog post that goes through the process of transforming old linoleum to a lovely finished floor step by step

Paint Half-Way Up Your Walls: Choose an accent color and paint half to 2/3rd of your wall, leaving the upper part white (or the same color as your ceiling.) This will create the illusion of soaring ceilings, light, and old world class. We love this post from At Home In Love that’s chock full of half-painted inspiration.

Half Painted


Paint Your Cupboards With Chalk Paint: Oh the magic of Annie Sloan chalk paint! We honestly can’t remember a life before chalk paint was invented. Remember how horrible it used to be to paint cupboards? Well, the beauty of Annie Sloan chalk paint is that you can paint over wood, metal, particle board and laminate without sanding or stripping first.

Chalk paint is not cheap, but luckily it goes a long way. The hardest part of chalk paint is that you must wait for the paint to dry, then seal it with a special wax that will be sold at the same store where you buy the paint.

Finally, it’s easy to touch up on a yearly basis in high-touch areas like handles or corners. A little paint, a little wax, et voila. Your cupboards are as good as new! It’s fast and as easy as you’re going when it comes to painting cupboards! Check out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint website for serious inspiration.


3- Add Metallic Accent Furniture

There is something about metallic accent furniture that adds a bit of Je Ne Sais Quoi to any home.  It’s not always feasible to have a glass and silver coffee table (especially if you have kids) but why not a lovely rose gold credenza in your hallway?

Golds and bronzes add a rich warmth while silver and chrome present a sleek, modern look. For example, here are our popular Athena tables from !nspire in rose gold and chrome. Which one better suits your style?

ATHENA 513-747RGATHENA 513-747CM

Athena Tables

If you aren’t in the market for a whole new table set then opt for metallic accent pieces like the lovely brushed steel vases displayed on the Eclipse dining table, below.


The Eclipse Dining Table


4 – Add A Chandelier

Chandeliers are the most wonderful items.

Add one to an old worn room, and you have shabby chic. Add one to blue-walled room, and it’s French. A dark wood room? Suddenly your look is colonial.

The best part is that all that mess and disorganization you’ve been trying to hide suddenly looks intentional – as though you are merely balancing the glamour of your chandelier.

While a quality crystal chandelier will still cost you, relatively affordable acrylic versions are widely stocked at most home improvement stores these days.

Don’t be shy about where to put your chandelier (or chandeliers!) Bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and living rooms are all perfect. Hallways and closets work if they’re big enough although you can always buy smaller versions for those areas.

chandelier class up your home


5- Add Texture

Finally, provided your home has been seriously decluttered, adding a few elements of texture is a great way to make the space appear most expensive (even though the pieces are all surprisingly affordable.)

Our favorite trend this year is benches.  From rich upholstered velvet to soft white faux fur, these items are both family friendly and classy.  Opting for a version with built in storage will help with the clutter while providing extra table space for trays or seating for unexpected guests who crash your very classy cocktail party 😉

Pictured below are the uber-classy Gia (white) and Evoque (grey) benches, both with glamorous acrylic legs…

GIA 401-987WT_1

The Gia Bench


Of course, the most important thing to remember is that the best way to ‘class up your space’ is to fill it with those you love who will appreciate your style, your thoughtfulness and your love of all things beautiful!

What are some easy tips you know of for glamming up your home? We’d love to hear your inspired ideas!