Why Is Rose Gold All The Rage?

It’s so feminine, which is a style all in itself.

My grandmother believed in timeless style and classic pieces. She felt it was worth investing in heirlooms that would last several lifetimes. The woman was a cross between Coco Chanel and Martha Stewart. Her home was not a perfect space, like those austere white and chrome mausoleums you see in architectural magazines, but was instead warm and welcoming. One of her secrets? Pink ceilings.

Not a shocking pink, nothing too bright, but a subtle rose leaf tint. Since she didn’t believe in ceiling light fixtures and opted instead for floor and table lamps in abundance, the light in her rooms was always warm and flattering; this was the effect of the rose ceilings. They effectively changed the light in the room.

Rose Gold Walls And Lighting For A Modern And Nostalgic Look

Rose Gold Wallpaper by Juju http://www.jujupapers.com/collections/metallics/products/jujupapers-barn-owls-and-hollyhocks-rose-gold-on-cream

Rose Gold Wallpaper by Juju http://www.jujupapers.com/collections/metallics/products/jujupapers-barn-owls-and-hollyhocks-rose-gold-on-cream

While a ceiling might be too much rose gold, an accent wall would give off a warm hue that would be welcome any time of year. The flattering light brings out the best in any skin tone.

Custom wallpaper is another option, with rose gold marbling or threads, to add sheen and warmth. Or go all out, creating a visual focal point, with spectacular rose gold embellished wallpaper.

You can always enhance the effect by changing out some of your lightbulbs for pink tinted ones, which will give a similar warm rose glow. Just avoid using them in reading lamps, as they aren’t usually bright enough.

A Neutral Or Dark Space Is Enhanced With Rose Gold cameron diaz apartment

A space that is dominated by colors based on metals and minerals can only be enhanced by rose gold, giving it that touch of warmth that an otherwise neutral space needs.

Cameron Diaz, a woman who needs no introduction, chose it, along with copper, to offset the more neutral colors in her apartment: malachite, onyx and silver. The effect is dazzling. Her designer described Diaz’s color choices as being ‘innately sexy without being overly flashy’ and we agree.

Subtle additions of rose gold in pieces of furniture bring the sheen of the metal without the cold, almost industrial feeling that chrome or stainless steel can sometimes reflect.

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Athena Nesting Tables


Adding Rose Gold In Little Ways

It is hard, though not impossible, to go overboard with rose gold in your home, so add pieces slowly and judge the effect for yourself.

Some attractive options include rose gold faucets in your kitchen, accent tables in your living room and, if you’re so inclined, a rose gold MacBook Air, for your home office!

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Strata Table


However you choose to add some rose gold to your decor, channel a little of my grandmother, a little Coco Chanel, and you’ll add a glow to whatever room you choose to enhance, from the kitchen to the powder room.