#FanFeatureFriday – Our Top 10 Favorite Submissions

Are you the proud owner of an !nspire accent piece? Snap photo and share it on Instagram for your chance to win a prize! Here are some of our favorite #FanFeatureFriday submissions so far…

As designers, we know how exciting it is to change the vibe of a room with new furniture; that’s why we encourage our fans to share photos of their favorite !nspire accent pieces on Instagram.

By using the hashtag #inspireathome, we receive dozens of submissions every week of gorgeous room transformations we can’t help but share.

The best part? If we share your photo on Facebook, you might just win a prize!

Will your photo make our #FanFeatureFriday list? Here are some of our favorite submissions so far…

#FanFeatureFriday #1 – The Morocco Bench


This stunning Morocco Bench managed to jazz up an otherwise dull space in our friend @MichellePearce1968’s home. Although this item is now discontinued, we’re pleased to say paisley is still going strong into 2016!

#FanFeatureFriday #2 – The Tango Gas Lift Stools


The !nspire Tango Gas Lift Stools fit perfectly under the island in @BouchardDanielle’s kitchen! Breakfast, anyone?

#FanFeatureFriday #3 – The Rinca Accent Table

Our friend @xminimagx went contemporary with the gorgeous Rinca Accent Table! There’s nothing like infusing a little nature into your space… (Note: These stunning tables were scooped up fast! Keep your eyes peeled for new nature-infused !nspire accents in the future!)

#FanFeatureFriday #4 – The Flora Accent Chair

Can you say chic? The Flora Accent Chair is an easy go-to piece for any spare corner or space that needs uplifting!

#FanFeatureFriday #5 – The Haines Adjustable Stools


The industrial look of the Haines Adjustable Stools make a great addition to @Heather_Onion_’s kitchen. (Her cat thinks so, too!)

#FanFeatureFriday #6 – The Durango Accent Chair In Khaki


What’s traditional and sleek with a touch of modernity? You got it—The Durango Accent Chair in Khaki! We love how the neutral tones of this !nspire chair work perfectly in any room.

#FanFeatureFriday #7 – The Sophia Cabinet In Grey


Storage doesn’t have to be boring! The Sophia Cabinet proves this theory with its Moroccan-pattern wood overlay, crystal hardware and mirrored glass top.

#FanFeatureFriday #8 – The Vibes Tufted Double Bench


The Vibes Tufted Double Bench in grey is the perfect accent piece to complement this serene candlelit hall space. Take note: It also comes in blue, red and black to suit your taste!

#FanFeatureFriday #9 – The Truman Gas Lift Stools9Industrial-chic at its finest! We couldn’t help but fall in love with how luxurious the Truman Gas Lift Stools looked in @Evarokakis’ open-concept space.

#FanFeatureFriday #10 – The Rigi Accent Chair In Blue


 Say goodbye to the LazyBoy and hello to the Rigi Accent Chair in Blue—with ottoman! This modern, cozy accent chair is the perfect replacement for oversized, bulky chairs that have worn out their welcome.


And there you have it; our top 10 #FanFeatureFriday submissions! It’s a treat waking up each day to your fabulous snapshots and we look forward to many more in 2016.

Will YOUR !nspire accent piece make our next top 10 #FanFeatureFriday list? Be sure to share it on Instagram with the hashtag at #inspireathome for your chance to win a prize!