Three Tips To Help You Pick A New Color Scheme

Are you having trouble picking the perfect color scheme for your next decorating project? Let us !nspire you!

Choosing a new color scheme can sometimes feel overwhelming. You don’t want to clash with your existing accent pieces or go overboard with a trendy color that goes out of style two months from now.

The good news is switching up your color scheme without overhauling your entire space is easy if you just follow a few simple rules.

Are you ready to make a change this spring? Here are three tips to help you choose a color scheme you’ll enjoy all year long!

New Color Scheme Tip #1: Pick Your Favourite Color

When trying to decide on a new color scheme, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s trendy and current, but sometimes, the best choice is the most obvious: your favorite color!

You’re sure to love your room if you choose your favorite color as the base of your new scheme, and if you’re passionate about it, it’s going to look great no matter how bold or neutral it is.

Let’s say you love cobalt blue. You might already have hints of it infused around your space, so why not take a chance and paint an entire wall?

It doesn’t have to be a large wall; even painting a small accent wall is enough to change the entire feel of your space.

Once you’ve painted your wall, don’t forget to accessorize with statement accessories and accent pieces that complement your new pop of color.

The Electra Accent Chair in blue would be a fantastic way to balance the hues in your space, while providing extra seating with a stylish twist!

Accessorize with your favorite color!

Accessorize with your favorite color!

New Color Scheme Tip #2: Pull Inspiration From Your Favourite Accent Piece

Sometimes, the easiest way to change the color scheme of a room without spending hundreds of dollars on new furniture or wallpaper is to pull !nspiration from your favorite accent piece.

We recommend this to all of our clients who come to us for décor advice!

You can choose any accent piece you want—old or new—It doesn’t matter as long as you’re !nspired by it in some way.

Our new favorite piece is the vibrant Mallory Accent Table in green.

Draw inspiration from your favorite accent piece to create a luxurious space you love.

Draw inspiration from your favorite accent piece to create a luxurious space you love.

Its gorgeous clean lines, sturdy pedestal base and bright pop of color makes it the perfect spring accent piece to draw !nspiration from.

Rather than paint the walls to complement this table, we would keep the walls a fresh neutral color like light yellow or creamy beige, and have fun with green in other unexpected ways.

Between bright green and floral accent pillows, throws, artwork and even fresh flower arrangements, you can change the entire color scheme of a room simply by infusing new accents and accessories in a new and exciting hue.

New Color Scheme Tip #3: Draw From A Theme

If you’re totally stumped on a new color scheme, try taking inspiration from a theme.

Decor themes often incorporate a color scheme; for instance, a beach theme consists of shades of blue and white, while a country chic theme might include light yellows, reds and hints of white or cream.

Speaking of country chic design, it’s one of the most popular themes in bedroom décor right now, especially if it’s done in a Country French motif!

We love the use of country chic accent pieces like the Krista Accent Table to drive the Country French theme home, while infusing new colors with bedding, layered accent throws and rugs.

Choosing a theme is the easiest way to bring your color scheme to life.

Choosing a theme is the easiest way to bring your color scheme to life.

No matter which theme you choose, there are plenty of different color schemes to suit your style. This is where Pinterest comes in handy! Don’t be afraid to browse different themes and take !nspiration from designers and décor-lovers alike.


Have we !nspired you to try a new color scheme in your space? We’d love to hear your décor plans in the comments below 🙂