matching wallpaper and furniture tips

How to Match Wallpaper With Furniture

By Celia Alida Rutte, !nspire’s Designer at Large

A bonafide wallpaper renaissance is upon us, and the current variety is exquisite.

Gone are the grandma florals and hard to remove wallpaper of yesterday. Wallpaper manufacturers have created everything from full size high resolution photo imagery to papers decorated with real stone shavings.

They have even created wall coverings that mimic real life materials like mosaic tile and weathered wood so well that they challenge our need for the real material.

If you are looking to jazz up your living space with a sexy new look, consider some of these wallpapers from the Toronto based company Prime Walls. I’ve paired them up with some of my favorites from Inspire’s lovely 2015 seating collection to get your mouth watering and your design senses tingling with inspiration. Continue reading “How to Match Wallpaper With Furniture” »