walnut and glass table by inspire

From Summer to Fall Decor with Style

How to Transition From Summer To Fall Decor? It’s Easy…

Most of us know how to transition our spaces from winter to summer, but many of us have a hard time making the switch from summer to fall.

It’s important not to get lost in the idea that fall décor needs to consist of pumpkin-themed items or accessories with leaves plastered all over them.

There are several quick and inexpensive ways to give your home a look that’s warm, modern and autumn-ready. Continue reading “From Summer to Fall Decor with Style” »

study space and bed by Inspire

Create an Inspirational Study Zone

The kids are back to school and that means homework!

Unfortunately, the arrival of back to school homework also means books, gadgets, binders and papers strewn across your dining room table when you get home from work – not exactly your idea of the perfect study area (let alone dining area!)

The solution? Create a study zone your kids will look forward to using (leaving your dining table neat, clean and ready to set! Continue reading “Create an Inspirational Study Zone” »

Blue brown rug from WHI

Home Décor That’s Easy to Clean

Beautiful home décor that stays clean is the stuff of dreams…

Pristine leather couches, soft white carpets and sparkling glass tabletops are just a few of the desires that come to mind. But when you look around your space, is that what you see?

While it’s nice to dream of a fairytale showroom in your home, kids, pets and every day life all take a toll on your surroundings and quickly render that dream null and void.

But just because you have a family or busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up all your design dreams. Here are a few fail-safe home décor tips to keep your home looking beautiful – without all the fuss. Continue reading “Home Décor That’s Easy to Clean” »