spirng trends for window treatments

Spring Window Treatments

Are you ready to say goodbye to heavy fabrics and textiles?

The cold winter months are behind us and it’s finally time to open your blinds, let the sunlight pour in and transition to gorgeous spring-inspired window treatments.

Whether you’re focusing on the kitchen, living room or even the kids’ room, there are plenty of ways to welcome the new season by brightening your interiors. Continue reading “Spring Window Treatments” »

Mixing Fabrics & Patterns: The Do’s & Don’ts

Whether it’s getting ready for the office or a fabulous Sunday brunch, dressing to impress is part of our lifestyle.

Lucky for us, fashion and interior design trends go hand in hand. And although rules are made to be broken, mixing colors, patterns and textures in your home does take a bit of trial and error.

Let’s take a minute to walk through the do’s & don’ts! Continue reading “Mixing Fabrics & Patterns: The Do’s & Don’ts” »