Drop Ship your way to Success!

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is a simple business model where the manufacturer of a product ships the item purchased directly to the end consumer. Your job – as a retailer – is to offer those items to your customers and SELL! SELL! SELL!

A store front isn’t necessary – you can list the items directly on your online shop. We provide beautiful, full colour photography of items along with web-ready descriptions and specifications. All the information that you need to effectively sell that product. It’s low risk, low cost and easy to start up. You don’t need a place to store inventory because we, as the manufacturer and distributor, will ship products out directly from one of our warehouses.

You don’t need to bulk purchase items to receive discounted prices – you pay wholesale prices, and you’re eligible for ongoing promotions so you can pass on your savings directly to your consumers.

Processing orders is simple with our user-friendly, dealer portal where you can view live stock, updated pricing and add orders with one click. You can start selling on the same day that you sign up!


Visit our website for information on our Drop Shipping program


Keys to Drop Shipping Success – some tricks of the trade that may help you in setting up your Drop Shipping business:


  1. Build up your website traffic

Because this business model depends on the virtual ‘foot traffic’ that is people browsing online for items they want to buy, getting people to visit your website is the equivalent of getting window shoppers to come into your store – if they come inside chances are higher that they will buy!

This is where SEO comes into play. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the virtual breadcrumbs that lead online consumers to your virtual store. Things like keywords in your product titles, categories and subcategories, as well as your page titles and meta descriptions. Many website builders offer tools to help you through this process but if you feel like you need more help, or if you would rather leave it up to the pros, investing in an SEO agency may be worthwhile to build up your traffic.


  1. Write blogs

Don’t be intimidated – this can be as simple as picking one of your favourite products for the week and talking about its features. Online tools like Grammarly can help with spelling and grammar and in the end, you’ll have fresh new content for your website that will be informative for your potential customers and will help direct even more traffic to your site.

Try to write at least 3-4 blogs a month. Keep track of your website traffic analytics tools and you should start seeing a boost in traffic within the first couple of months.


  1. Limit your inventory

When you list products, you want the best curated collection of items that are relevant to your site and your business model. You also want to present the best version of those products, which will motivate your customers to buy from you and not the next site they visit. This means tweaking or even rewriting product descriptions to make them your own and editing images to optimize their appearance on your site. Start by listing your favourite items and take them time to present them the best way that you can. You can continue adding more products as time goes on and your sales go up. This will also help you stay on top of all the latest new introductions from manufacturers like Worldwide Homefurnishings. We intro new products almost every quarter, so you want to be able to have the freshest and newest items to offer your customers.


  1. Paid advertising

Working on refreshing the content on your site will work well for your site traffic but if you want to see immediate results and on a greater scale, you may want to consider investing in paid online marketing. There are many programs available like Google Adwords (with campaigns like pay-per-click sponsored search results or remarketing campaigns), Facebook Business Manager (which advertises with sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram) and other Affiliate Marketing programs (where you work with other websites to piggy back off each others’ traffic).

You should also be tracking the traffic on your site with free tools like Google Analytics, so you can try and see the effects of these paid marketing strategies.


  1. Rewards and Incentives

Leverage seasonal sales – people buy when it’s the buying season, so don’t be afraid to put your products on promo as well. Festive offerings, seasonal sales, BOGO deals, and “LAST CHANCE” clearance sales are just a few promotions that you can run to garner attention and website traffic.

Don’t underestimate reviews – when consumers are not sure about a product, especially big-ticket items like furniture, they will look to their peers for guidance. Ask your customers to write reviews after they have purchased an item. The more detailed the better! You can offer incentives to customers – “Post a review and receive a promo code for your next purchase!”

Take advantage of social media – encourage customers to share images of their purchases in social media and to tag you. You can offer prizes for the best picture of the week.

Keep on top of your inventory – the products you list are the best representation of your business and what you want it to look like. Do continued research and adjustments in pricing to stay competitive. Respond to feedback, both positive and negative.


Let us know if some of these tips were helpful for you in setting up your small business. Do you have any more tips for someone who might be starting out? Let us know in the comments below.


At Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. we have over 30 years of experience. We are dedicated to you and your business because your success is our success! Check out our Drop Shipping program here. We look forward to hearing from you.


Your success is our success!


Four “Rules” of Bedroom Design That Were Meant to be Broken

Courtesy of

Katie Phillips, Founder of MattressReviews.net


Sometimes it’s fun to BREAK the rules!


Fashion and interior design are constantly evolving, as is the science behind sleep. Sleep, however, is vital to being able to enjoy the interior design of your home and its inhabitants.


If you are willing to change a couple of small things in your bedroom design, you could be sleeping significantly better on a regular basis.


Rule 1: Your Bedroom Should Be Bright



Bright bedrooms may seem appealing but may not be the best for optimal sleep



Current fashion trends in bedroom design show us brightly coloured rooms with tons of lights all over.


While you want your bedroom to be cheerful, you actually want as little light as humanly possible when you go to sleep. The less distractions that you have, the better.


To design your bedroom to make it helpful for you to sleep, you should choose shades of blue paint for the walls and always go for a matte finish. The colour blue has been found to have a good effect on the human heart rate and blood pressure. Eggshell or satin sheen in paints actually reflect much more light than their matte counterparts.


You should also avoid LED or bright white light bulbs in your room whenever possible in order to allow your brain to relax before bed. Blue light – like the kind that is produced by LEDs and your phone’s screen – tell your brain to stop producing melatonin, making it harder for you to sleep at night.


If you sleep past sunrise, like most of us do, you will also want to add some room darkening curtains to block out the natural light when you don’t want it. These come in all kinds of colours and patterns to make designing your space easy.


Rule 2: Sleep with Doors Shut



Good airflow in the bedroom is important for achieving those sweet dreams


While sleeping with the doors shut might help to cut down on the number of distractions that you can see and hear from your bedroom, it’s best for the airflow in your bedroom if your door is open. Having good airflow in your room will not only make your mattress feel more cozy, it will also help you sleep better.


If you can’t sleep with your doors or window open, try turning on a fan to create the air circulation that will help you sleep well and all through the night.



Rule 3: Keep it Warm



Believe it or not – you actually sleep better in the cold!


You might be tempted to keep your bedroom as warm as possible, but it’s actually better for you to keep the air temperature in your room between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 19 degrees Celcius). It helps you sleep longer and have higher quality sleep than you would if you were warmer.


You can combat the cold that you feel when you are resting by bundling up with cozy pillows and blankets, or some really cute pyjamas.


Rule 4: Keep it Clutter Free



Plants help to clarify the air and can provide a sense of calm in your bedroom


While you don’t want a lot of clutter in your sleeping space, it will be helpful to add some plants to your bedroom. Not only will they make your room prettier and help clarify the air around them naturally, some of them also put off calming scents.


If you love the smell of lavender or jasmine, those plants are great for helping to calm anxiety and clarifying the air around them.


Be sure to have fun breaking some (or all) of these rules and pay attention to how your sleep behaviors are affected after making these minor changes. Let us know in the comments below – we would love to hear from you!

5 ways to store more with style

Stuff. We all have it…


Don’t be overrun by Stuff – conquer it before it conquers you!


Once we add kids, pets, sports, backpacks, homework, the latest craft obsession (slime, anyone?), toys, and more to the mix, the “Stuff” that orbits our daily lives can invade every room in the house. Over time, it takes on a life of its own – like an unwelcome guest that won’t leave. So, we shuffle it around, thinking we’ll, “find a place for this Stuff one of these days,” until we stop noticing it’s there. And soon, Stuff becomes a fixture all its own. Sound familiar?

The good news is that it’s easy to stash your stuff with style… if you know where to look. Here are 5 smart, hard-working storage pieces you can add to every room that will conquer Stuff’s assault on your home once and for all – and as a bonus, take your design up a notch in the process!


1. Storage ottomans and benches


Storage benches can add a whole new level of design to your space


Ottomans and benches are the easiest way to add style, comfort, and storage to any room. In the family room, a storage ottoman does double duty as both a stylish coffee table and a place to contain all of those blankets, games, and crafts that tend to spill onto the floor. A slender storage bench tucked against a wall in the hallway allows guests to sit down and take off shoes while doubling as clever storage for umbrellas, hats, and gloves. In the bedroom, a plush storage bench at the end of the bed serves as both a place to put on your favorite slippers and contain extra blankets, books, and bed linens – all while rocking a cool designer vibe. You can even float a couple of fun storage cubes in the kids’ bedrooms to corral toys and use as extra seating when friends come over.


2. Shelving units


Shelving units can be used for open display or with baskets


Shelving units are the ultimate storage workhorses. Styled right, they serve as tall, silent butlers that hold a myriad of miscellaneous stuff, both big and small, in every room in the house. But if you’re not careful, Stuff will multiply and invade shelving units, too. So, to keep clutter at bay, stock the bottom shelves with bins and baskets full of small craft items, toys, Legos, and games that are easy for little hands to access (and put away!). Save the upper shelves for grown-up stuff like books, magazines, and those catalogs you keep meaning to peruse next time you get a chance to sit down (someday).


3. Consoles


Use pretty cabinets to hide the not-so-pretty mess


These are not your grandma’s behemoths. Today’s consoles are roomy and stylish without sacrificing space. Use a console in the family room under your TV to store DVD’s, video games, and all of those extra cords you aren’t sure what to do with. Tuck a console against a wall in the dining room to serve as a modern china cabinet or sideboard. Upgrade a small bathroom to store extra paper products and linens with a petite console. You can even stylishly stash bins of extra paper and files under the printer in the home office.


4. Storage beds


Storage beds – convenient and easy to use!


Bedrooms in modern homes, especially kids’ bedrooms, are usually short on space. It’s hard enough to squeeze in a bed and a nightstand, let alone dressers and extra storage pieces.You need to think outside (or in this case under) the box to take advantage of the wasted space under the bed. Consider upgrading to a storage bed that creates a whole new level of storage clothes, blankets, and extra linens. And if your kids share a room, then you especially need to make the most of every square inch with storage drawers for bunk beds that can store extra clothes or toys.


5. Bar carts 


Bar carts are so versatile with their uses


What? Bar carts for storage? Yes! Bar carts are one of the most under-appreciated, versatile storage mainstays in the home. A petite rolling bar cart in the bathroom topped with pretty storage bins corrals makeup, hair products, and all of those little items that clutter up precious counter space. Turn a lonely kitchen corner into a fun and funky coffee station with a modern bar trolley. And when the weather warms up, roll it outside to serve drinks al fresco! You can even convert a bar cart into a rolling homework station to keep extra supplies, papers, and books at hand – your dining room table will thank you!


As you now know, the secret to keeping Stuff’s assault at bay is to put your furniture to work. Keep your eye out for creative ways to exchange a few pieces in every room of your home with stylish, smart storage workhorses that do double duty – so you can conquer Stuff, once and for all!




Looking to import container deals? We can help!

Renovating an office, college or hotel? Need to furnish an entire floor of a building? Are you a business owner & lover of modern, trendy things, in search of international finds to add to your own retail stores or client projects? Consider buying in bulk to save BIG!

Let Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. be the one stop solution for all your furniture needs. With over 30 years of experience, we manufacture furniture in factories all over the world, using various materials like reclaimed wood, iron, stainless steel, and an assortment of fabrics.



Every year we ship 1000’s of containers with contemporary, mid-century, transitional & modern pieces of furniture. These high quantity orders give us the distinct advantage over many of our competitors and lets us guarantee you the best prices on container furniture.

Our goal is simple: To constantly expand the value we bring you. From dining sets, bedrooms and coffee tables, to decadent ottomans, benches, and chairs, we offer striking products without compromising quality or price.

What is a furniture container?

A container of furniture is a 20-foot or 40-foot long steel box used to ship items all over the world. If you have a large-scale furnishings project, find out how Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. can help you.

What kinds of goods can I order?

We can source all kinds of furniture: traditional, rustic, shabby chic, industrial, modern, and contemporary to name a few. We specialize in furniture from all categories: beds & headboards, bar & counter stools, benches & settees, coffee tables, console tables, accent chairs, dining chairs & tables, coat racks and so much more.

How does the process work?

Once you have determined that you need a larger quantity of furniture, you can contact us and set up an initial consultation to give us an understanding of what you’re looking for. You can choose items or styles you want from our website, or work with us to create custom designs under private labels. We take the time to personally source your items through our existing factories around the world to figure out availability, lead time, and overall cost.



How much does a container cost?

Depending on your needs, we can offer up to a 50% discount off of wholesale prices for the items in your 20-foot or 40-foot container order. You can either choose to manage the shipping of containers direct from the factory, or have us do it for you and deliver the container to your door.

How long does a container take to receive?

Generally, production of items takes 30-60 days. After that, it takes a week to pack the container followed by 4 – 6 weeks transport time.


Take a look at our website for more information and for easy contact forms to get you started on your container order!


3 Design Tricks to Get Your Home Ready to Sell!

It’s no secret that staged homes sell faster and for a higher price than others. Hiring a home stager can become costly but often pays off in the long run. Whether you decide to put in a little elbow grease and DIY it, or hire some help to get it done, you’ll see the effort pay off. Here are 3 design tricks that will help you get your home ready to sell and give you the edge you need in today’s hot real estate market.


Hiring a professional stager can be expensive but will pay off in the long run.


1. Declutter & clean


A sleek storage ottoman will easily let you stash clutter when showing the house.


When it comes to getting your home ready to sell, cleaning and decluttering is half the battle. As soon as you decide that you will listing your home to be sold, it’s time to start decluttering and stowing away personal belongings. Take down all personal photos and memorabilia and clean out at least half the items from closets and cupboards (you have to pack up everything when you move, anyway). Swap out your coffee table for a modern storage ottoman that will hide away blankets, toys, and magazines in a hurry.


A console cabinet is an easy way to corral items that you still need daily but don’t want to leave lying around.


Streamline a shelving unit with stylish baskets and bins to stash memorabilia or kids’ crafts and create a uniform look. And tidy up a messy-looking entertainment center with a sleek media console. After all, buyers don’t want to visualize you in your home. They want to picture themselves there.


A clean home will sell faster than a dirty or cluttered home


Once things are packed away, get out your cleaning supplies and prepare to use a little elbow grease. A sparkling home shows pride of ownership and sends a message to the buyer that you’ve taken good care of it over the years. And clean, decluttered spaces make your home feel larger, even when compared to other homes the same size. So, get to work – or better yet, hire a professional cleaning service. Many of them offer “ready-to-sell” cleaning packages.


2. Give every space a job to do


Try to increase the functionality of every corner of the house


Imagine walking into your home for the first time. Would you know that the empty wall by the front door is a magnet for backpacks and shoes? Could you determine at a glance if that spare bedroom, currently used for crafts or storage, could be a child’s dream bedroom? Don’t make buyers work to interpret spaces in your home. Instead, show them that every space has a job to do. Clear out clutter from a spare bedroom and stage it with a nicely-made bed, nightstand, and a fresh bouquet of flowers. Tuck a hall tree and bench in the foyer to help buyers imagine a place where they can drop their keys and take off their shoes when they come home. Do you have extra space in a master bedroom or under the stairs? Don’t make a buyer wonder what to do with it. Fill it with a modern desk and chair, so they’ll look at it and think, “Ah, yes. This is the perfect place for an office.”



3. Appeal to buyers’ emotions


Creating cozy and inviting spaces in your home will appeal to the buyers’ emotions


Buying is an emotional process, and there’s no buying experience more emotional than a home purchase. So it’s important to not only make sure that your home looks appealing, but that it warms the heart, too. Create little scenes throughout the home that will help buyers imagine themselves enjoying special moments. Tuck a bar cart along a dining wall and accessorize it with coffee and pastries so they can visualize having a tranquil breakfast there. Or create a reading nook with a cozy chair and ottoman in a corner of the master bedroom and stage it with a book and a comfy throw. When a buyer is looking at several homes, they will remember the ones that give them a window into these little moments of what life would be like to live there.


By rolling up your sleeves and turning a fresh eye to every space, it’s easy to take buyers on a visual journey and show your home to its greatest potential. Are you planning on selling your home anytime soon? Have you sold recently? We would love to hear about your experiences with prepping your home and buyers’ reactions in the comments below.


4 Types of Furniture Wood That Satisfy Both Your Decor Needs & the Environment

When hunting for the perfect piece of wood furniture, we usually base our decisions on factors like style, size, how it will look in a room, and whether it’s trendy or classic. But how often do we pay attention to the type of wood it’s made of?


Solid wood pieces show the true beauty of the wood - especially when finished well.

Solid wood pieces show the true beauty of the wood – especially when finished well.


Most of us don’t realize that buying certain types of furniture wood contribute to deforestation and the wholesale destruction of earth’s precious ecosystems. If you believe that preserving the planet’s trees and forests is imperative, then you need to be aware of how to buy furniture that’s both beautiful and sustainable.

A sustainably-harvested forest will clean our air and provide timber for generations to come, without long-term damage to the environment. So, keep an eye out for these four types of furniture wood that will not only enhance your decor, but will please mother earth, too.


1. Mango Wood


Mango wood is strong and sustainable – the perfect combination for piece that last!


We’ve been touting the benefits of Mango wood for years. Mango wood comes from fast-growing trees that can reach heights of 80-100 feet in as little as 15 years, as opposed to traditional hardwoods like oak and maple which take 50-100 years to mature. Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world and are grown in mass quantities on plantations. Once mango trees reach mature height, fruit production slows or stops, so the tree is cut down and sold for timber, and a new one is planted. Mango is just as strong as cherry and oak, but it’s inexpensive for manufacturers to work with and an affordable option for modern decor. Mango wood can be used throughout the home and comes in many colors. It makes distressed gray look sophisticated in a pedestal dining table or a rustic modern coffee table. It also pairs well with metals, and its “tiger-eye” grains and patterns add a layer of warmth to modern accent furniture, such as a modern industrial or mid-century modern accent table.


2. Sheesham Wood


IDRIS shelving unit

Sheesham wood has such unique wood characteristics – no two pieces will ever look the same!


Sheesham is one of the most durable and sustainable woods on earth. The tree, native to India, thrives in poor soil, severe drought, high rains, extreme cold, and temperatures over 120 degrees. All of this makes it cheap and easy to grow on large plantations almost anywhere in the world. It’s the second-hardest wood on the planet (second only to Brazilian cherry), making it an heirloom choice that will require little to no maintenance for years to come.  Sheesham is the ultimate multitasker. It’s the perfect choice for a piece that can be both the star of the show and withstand the rigors of daily life – such as a gorgeous wood counter stool or a dramatic but functional dining table.


3. Acacia Wood


Acacia wood is perfect for those looking for truly rustic pieces


Acacia is a fast-growing tropical tree that’s easy to harvest and reproduce on plantations in warm climates throughout the world. Similar to Sheesham, Acacia is a tough hardwood with beautiful grains that will last for many years under the rigors of daily life. Acacia’s rustic charm harmonizes with almost any decor. Colors can range from light amber to dark mahogany, and no two are alike. Look for acacia wood furniture that puts its originality on full display, such a rustic industrial coffee table or console table.


4. Pine


TRENTON console table

Pine wood pairs well with iron and metals to create a fun industrial look


Pine is a fast-growing tree that’s now mostly grown on sustainable plantations. This light-but-strong wood has been used for generations for everything from roof beams to broom handles. As a result, reclaimed pine is also widely available as a popular way repurpose the wood and enjoy it for years beyond its original function. Pine is the ultimate workhorse in any decor. It’s equally at home as a solid rustic console or a sleek, mid-century modern counter stool, and everything in between.


MOKA stool

Solid wood doesn’t have to be all live edges and rustic finishes – it’s easy to create more modern contemporary looks as well.


People are becoming more aware of the environmental effects of mass deforestation. Luckily, sustainable wood options are affordable, widely available, and fit into any decor. You just have to know where to look!


If you’ve been itching to get the newest and latest trends out on your showroom floor, you can rest easy because we have hundreds of new and exciting product skus to offer you.


This table set puts a modern twist on cottage-style dining

This table set puts a modern twist on cottage-style dining


New introductions throughout all our categories – Accent Furniture, Accent Seating, Dining, Stools, and Bedroom. And as always, we bring you the best in the latest designs and trends. The hottest, designer-look products at great value pricing! Keep reading for more details on new items and to find out about our exciting Open House event coming soon!


Makin’ me Blush


These adorable ottomans will satisfy all the blush cravings

These adorable ottomans will satisfy all the blush cravings


The fun pinks that you saw introduced earlier this year have taken over as the newest colour trend of the year. Beautiful blush pink fabrics – rich velvets and luxurious faux fur – in products ranging from ottomans to beds to crystal studded storage benches. These blushing beauties will have your storefront or website looking like the latest lifestyle bloggers’ dream come true! Browse through our site to get a better look at all the on-trend pieces.


Beyond the Velvet Ropes


Velvet will help elevate the design feel of any space

Velvet will help elevate the design feel of any space


Velvet is still the go-to fabric for those pieces that make you say “Wow!” when you walk into a room. And now, with all the bright fun colours available, velvet is not reserved for the winter selling season.

This fun purple storage ottoman will brighten up any space for the spring and summer and add some interest to your display as well.

Store and look stylish all at the same time

Store and look stylish all at the same time


Luxurious velvet dining chairs will also elevate any space and take the “boring” out of everyday dining. Mix and match to create your own unique look.

Browse through the site to see endless velvet options in all furniture categories.


Come & See for Yourself

We are excited to be hosting an Open House event starting on May 24th until the 27th so you can pay us a visit and come and see all these new products and so much more on display in our showroom. We will be serving beverages all day and meals daily. It’s a great chance for you to come in and meet the Worldwide team in person and get a feel for the products – it makes your job as the seller that much easier! We are in Concord, Ontario, just off of Hwy 400 and if needed, we will provide transportation from anywhere in the GTA. Click here for more information or contact our sales team today to make your appointment. We hope to see you then!

Join us at the High Point Market!

Ready, Set, SHOWTIME!  

The High Point Market is just over a week away…have you planned your trip?  

 Worldwide will be there in a whole new space with a TON of new product introductions to show off! Here’s a quick little sneak peek at some of the amazing new intros that you can look forward to… 


Accent seating in luscious fabrics and colours

Accent seating in luscious fabrics and colours



Gorgeous blush pink is perfect for the coming season

Gorgeous blush pink is perfect for the coming season



ASPIRA 203-342GY_2 

What is High Point?

For those who may be wondering, the High Point Market (also referred to as HPMKT) is the largest home furnishings show in the world. Held every April and October in High Point, North Carolina, this market is a dream destination for those in the furniture trade industry.  

Retailers, e-tailers, designers, from all across North America and the world flock to this small southern town twice a year – it’s affectionately referred to as Fashion Week for home furnishings! With over 11.5 million square feet of sales space over 180 buildings, this week really is a sight to behold and experience.  

Plan Ahead

Be sure to plan out your trip in advance and stop by our showroom at H603 in the IHFC Building. It’s always a good idea to contact your area sales rep to arrange an appointment. This will give you the best and most efficient buying experience. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Are you a Retail Store Owner? Here’s how we can help you!

Calling all retail furniture and other store owners – Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. is the top choice for all your furniture needs. Why? Because we put our customers first! Here are just a few reasons how…


Customer Advantages

With our huge warehousing network, you will always be able to find our products, or suitable substitutions, in stock when you want them. This is better assurance for you that when you need a product for a customer, you will be able to get it quickly and easily.


Stress-free ordering and processing - we make your job easier!

Stress-free ordering and processing – we make your job easier!


You can take your pick of shipping policies to serve your business needs better. Because we have established relationships with a number of renowned shipping companies, we are able to provide shipping at reasonable rates, and in some cases even offer shipping free of charge. Plus, working with better shipping companies ensures that your deliveries are fully and easily trackable.

You always get the best selection of items at the best prices industry wide. With factories all across the world, we have full control over the manufacturing process. You get extensive quality control and the peace of mind that comes with it!

We provide products from all the major furniture categories – bedroom, dining, accent furniture, and accent seating – with a range in quality/price from middle to high end range, with some unbeatable promotional items tossed in. You can proudly bring all these products to your floor and subsequently offer your customers the best deals in town.


We offer a large selection of items across all categories.

Experience counts!

With over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, we are recognized as one of the top wholesale furniture distributors by retail partners across North America. Once we establish a working relationship with you as our dealer, we will go above and beyond to ensure the success of your business, because your success is our success!


The relationships that we build with our dealers is the foundation of our success!

The relationships that we build with our dealers is the foundation of our success!

Leveraging a Brand

Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. has become a recognized and coveted name in the furniture industry. We have over 25,000 end consumers who like, follow, share and comment on our various social media platforms. Many will often share photos of their items once they take them home. Selling a brand makes your job easier.

We love when end consumers share pictures of our products in their spaces!

We love when end consumers share pictures of our products in their spaces!


We work hard to continue to promote Worldwide Homefurnishings Inc. through various marketing mediums – magazines, social media, and Google advertising, etc. This means that when your customers walk into your store, you can trust that you are offering them a reliable line of products.

Interested in finding out more?

Share your contact information and we will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements, help you set up your account, and offer you the best prices. Let us know if you prefer a phone call or an email and we will get back to you!


Warm up this frigid winter with a whole new selection of HOT products

We’ve already got an incredible line-up of items across all categories, but we always strive to make things better. Which is why our first new product introduction of the year is one of our favourites to date! It’s not big – think of it as more of a sneak peek of all the amazing things to come with our new catalogue roll out in the spring – but it’s a collection of items that will make a statement on your showroom floor, on your website, or in your latest design project.


Colour me pink!

Elle blush pink

ELLE blush pink accent chair


We’ve put a fresh spin on some classic favourites with new fabrics and new colours. Check out the gorgeous blush pink velvet on our best-selling ELLE accent chair. Or the newest pink fabric our new LILA storage ottoman.


LILA pink storage ottoman

LILA pink storage ottoman


A touch of velvet

The irresistible pairing of soft velvet with sturdy stainless steel, in both silver and gold, polished and brushed finishes takes centre stage this year.


Velvet pieces are making a big impact

Velvet pieces are making a big impact


From small pieces like the SONATA round ottoman, available in ivory (shown above), grey, or black velvet with a gold base, to larger statement makers like the MAGNUM cocktail ottoman in a selection of colours including this decadent blue velvet on a silver base.


MAGNUM blue velvet ottoman with silver base

MAGNUM blue velvet ottoman with silver base


This round of products is heavy on the accent seating furniture (because we know how much you love our accent furniture!) but we’ve also got a fun new assortment of glass and metal, geometric-inspired tables – coffee, console, and accent. The EROS and JUNIPER collections will be showstoppers for sure!




Old favourites get new life

Much of the time, we let our customers dictate what should be next to come in – what you can sell is what we want to sell! Based on popular demand, we’ve expanded some of your favourite collections like the IDRIS and the NILA tables. Still in the gorgeous sustainable solid woods and natural finishes, with all new table sizes and types.

NILA collection expanded to include coffee and console tables

NILA collection expanded to include coffee and console tables


Ready to buy?

Browse through the newest products here or go through the website and order your items today. Stock is rolling in quick and will be rolling out just as fast so don’t miss out.